This gang of Chihuahuas is why older puppies deserve all the charity in “the worlds”.

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When Julie Docherty first laid eyes on Sir MoMo, her first elderly Chihuahua, she fell crazily in love.

And candidly, how could you not?

Even though she had only just moved to Los Angeles, she was so taken with this little face, she simply had to have him. So she thoughts over to Tiny Loving Canines Rescue( TLC ), and with their reinforce, she raised MoMo home.

MoMo had been neglected by his previous owner and thus requirement some additional care. Docherty was more than up to the project, and as a result, their alliance developed exponentially.

According to Docherty, MoMo’s super calm but too a people-pleaser, aka the perfect dog.

“I realise how ideal having a more mature puppy was and how raising him along working in cooperation with me was easier than I had envisaged, ” Docherty wrote in an email.

Since her first foray into senior Chihuahua motherhood moved so well, she decided to adopt another one. And then another one. And then another one.

Now she has a proper Chihuahua posse.

From left to right in the top photo, encounter Choli, Paloma, Benito( also known as RL or “Really Literally” ), and MoMo. Docherty rescued Choli and Paloma from TLC, the same arrangement where she found MoMo, and Benito/ TL from Animal Synergy.

Now that they’re together, they’re pretty much an unstoppable army of exuberance and cuteness.

COUCHella 2016 #ChiLaxing #chihuahuas #superseniorsunday #rescuedogsofinstagram #coachella

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And their owner couldn’t be happier with her “mature” charge .

They enjoy greeting the mailman .

And of course, taking naps. Well, some of them anyway .

Only Choli was interested in participating at this morning’s try of a group photo. #coldshoulders

A photo posted by @jemandthemisfits on Apr 13, 2016 at 10:38 am PDT

Choli’s the bossy class jester .

“When he gets to know you, he becomes a indomitable rag doll who will throw himself onto you, ” Docherty said.

And Benito squeaks like a feline when he’s stimulated .

Meanwhile, Paloma’s the unassailable diva .

“This is my recently completed painting. Don’t I gaze FABULOUS? ”

And eventually, Sir MoMo, the original senior Chihuahua, is the lover .

“He’s gentle and sweetened and affection meeting parties, which is pretty special for Chihuahuas who can be a bit overprotective, ” wrote Docherty.

Sure, it’s not the easiest taking care of elderly dogs, but Docherty responds the reinforces far outweigh the costs.

None of the puppies have teeth anymore, and they all take meds for arthritis, but that doesn’t stop them from being playful and adoring with their human mommy and one another.

Senior Chi style back rub RL& Choli # chiatsu # chihuahualife #chilaxing

A photo posted by @jemandthemisfits on Aug 6, 2016 at 2:50 pm PDT

So if you’re “ve been thinking about” accepting a dog, don’t overlook the older ones. They might not be as spry as puppies, but they own all the cuteness, silliness, and friendliness you could want in a hound with perhaps merely a bit more of a yen for nap.

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