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Our family owns an 11 week old puggle, we got him at 8 weeks, and lemme tell you that this little man bites HARD, it's worse than any other dog I've owned and it's kinda insane. I've played with him, replaced myself with his toys, gave him chew toys, I've sternly told him no hundreds of time now, I've tried yelping at him to show him it hurts and he hasn't even reacted to it, nothing has worked so far. His bites are getting so bad that he's bruised me a few times and broken skin once. I've never had a dog bite so hard before so I wouldn't think this is normal but maybe it is though and I just got lucky. I'm determined to get him to calm down so here I am looking for suggestions on what could help my family with this.

Maybe the answer is so obvious and I'm just blind to it.

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