This Clothing Company May Actually Be Selling Dogs As Supplementaries

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It isn’t April Fools’ Day, but after stumbling upon a attire website that claims to likewise sell puppies, it might as well be.

Online clothing store Lyst, which caters to both male and female customers, is realizing headlines after offering an online dog storage accessible through its homepage.

According to Mirror UK, the fashion website stirred up arguing after publishing a series of tweets claiming to sell puppies as accessories.

Lyst is supposedly offering a wide variety of 33 different pup reproduces for sale including Yorkshire terriers, golden retrievers, pugs, German shepherds, dalmatians, chihuahuas, labradors, great danes, poodles and more.

Prices wander from around $400 to $600. The dogs are said to be delivered right to your home.

As expected, Lyst’s latest offering stirred up debate with animal rights activists and groups including the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals( RSPCA ).

Now, why would an online clothe accumulate claim to sell dogs as an “accessory? ”

While many Twitter consumers voiced same fluster with Lyst’s online puppy accumulation, others think it may merely be an attention-seeking PR stunt.

However, recent tweets published by glad purchasers claim to have successfully obtained dogs use Lyst’s services.

Despite backlash and resentment from every angle, Lyst continues to express support for the online dog store.

So, is it real or is it forge? Time will certainly tell. So far, the RSPCA has not been able to confirm whether or not Lyst’s online hound supermarket is a deceive or not.

If you’re REALLY interested in presenting support for man’s best friend, intelligence over to The Dog Cafe in Los Angeles, which houses neighbourhood salvage hounds and provides them with shelter as dog-loving patrons play with them over a cup of joe.

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