This Cafe Offers More Than Coffee It Likewise Has Hugs With Puppies On The Menu

What would realise your morning coffee simply that much better? What induces everything better, of course…dogs!

Yes, our prayers have been answered! After being overshadowed by innumerable cat and owl coffeehouse of all the countries, a brand-new coffee shop has soft launched in Silver Lake, California, that is going to change the game for good. The country’s first dog cafe is set to officially open on April 7!

Aptly called The Dog Cafe, this coffee shop allows its patrons to buy a beaker of joe and loved it while hanging out with some of the area’s save dogs — all of whom are up for adoption.

The Dog Cafe hopes to change how people view and go about choosing pups. Clients get to interact with a pooch before deciding whether or not they want to take that hound home.

The no-pressure, loosened situation is perfect for those considering approval. Plus, if you merely want to play with some pups, you can do it while get your caffeine fix!

Either way, the dogs benefit because they grow socialized and comfortable with being around humans and other pups.

The price to enter the coffeehouse is $10/ hour. With that payment, you get complimentary tea or coffee and an awesome time.

For now, entry is on a first-come, first-served basis, but after April 7, it’s recommended that you make reservations on their website.

Learn more about the great work they’re doing up there!

( via People Pets)

If you’re a hound devotee or know someone who is in the Los Angeles area, you surely need to check this situate out!

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