This Bridesmaid Was Told To Shape A Silly Face And Damn It, That’s Exactly What She Did

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When it comes to silly faces, I go to freaking city. Redouble kuki-chin? You know I have one. Nostrils flared? Those puppies are flared in so far wide-eyed, they are likely erupt open. Eyebrows furrowed? FURROWED TO IMPERFECTION. So, yeah, I’m fairly skilled at shifting my face into a sickening run of anti-art. But a new viral pole of a bridesmaid’s silly face in a wedding photo places all of my silly photo faces to shame.

When photographer Justine Sidella requested the bridesmaids of a wedding party to make a silly face for a photograph, lots of the women relied on their old faithful. The two on the right croaked for a classic, “mouth open in a big O with their brains cocked slightly to the side” face. Not exactly sure what’s so “silly” about that, but ya know, it’s a go-to silly face for girls across the globe. There’s a girl on the far left who takes it one pace further by squinting her attentions REALLY tight, while she opened her mouth in a big O with her premier cocked somewhat to the side. Then, there are the two girls in the middle who don’t even bother with the whole “silly” thing and go for simply a normal smile. And then, there’s the second largest daughter from the left, otherwise known as my personal hero who went BALLS TO THE WALL with her silly face.


Where did her neck croak ?! How did she do that with her body ?! If she’s not the silliest being in the world, then WHO is ??! In fact, she’s really cool that she posted the photo on Reddit herself under her username CatsTho 😛 TAGEND

Make a silly face they said. Well I did . from funny

Needless to say, the people of Reddit LOVED it.

Some were genuinely concerned about the district of her neck.

Hope you didn’t click your neck in the making of this no holding back silly face.

/ u/ yoshinosumoto

But don’t worry, she obviously had the perfect response.

What cervix ??

/ u/ CatsTho

Some were concerned her face might remain that way forever.

“If you stop constituting those faces, the working day it’s going to stay that course! “

/ u/ robbybd

And yet again, she had the PERFECT response.


/ u/ CatsTho

Was she defrosting ?!

You’re meeellltiiinnnggg!

/ u/ dragonship

Some people don’t fairly visualize the feeling in it.

That’s not “i made a entertaining face” .. that’s someone-hopped-out-of-the-trees-and-snapped-your-neck face..

/ u/ Alchemic_Art

Kinda disturbing. Look like she’s dead.

/ u/ thehighrollers

Some beings were reminded of their favorite silly movie character.

It reminds me of the fault filled guy on Men in Black.

/ u/ teddybearortittybar

Don’t know him? Here he is.

This guy wants to represent her his bride.

She’s a custodian. Stick her in the yard to scare away both critters and children.

/ u/ FrodoFraggins

Overall, the person or persons enjoyed her.

She’s my favorite

/ u/ SpaceBandit6 66

You seem like you have the best sense of humour. Funny faces and funny responds.

/ u/ Aevlyn

Every group of lovers has the one that is both joke and comfortable enough with themselves to actually pull a entertaining appearance .

You’re that one!

Everyone else is just drawing smiles with a bigger lip, or tilting their chief more than normal.

/ u/ ohanse

Her friends? Not so much.

The two daughters in the middle look like they’d be the least fun to be around. Like what kind of entertaining faces are those?

/ u/ sofakingchillbruh

She might have even made a potential adore connection.

You are now my muse.

/ u/ Deletrious2 6

As ever, she had the perfect response.

worship me

/ u/ CatsTho

No matter what happens, one thing is for sure: This chick is going to be a meme.

Welcome to your brand-new life as a meme

/ u/ Wah_Chee_Choo

Do you think you have a silly face that could top hers? Mention a selfie below!

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