This Bachelor Party Saved A Dog And Her Puppies And No One Could Handle It

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This bachelor party story will obligate you weep. Like, gather the most significant casket of tissues possible. If you dont have one, get yourself to CostCo STAT.

No, its not an emotional story because the groom did something he shouldnt have, its because he and his bros encountered 101 dalmatians!

OK, they actually simply rescued a hound and her seven puppies and then adopted them all, but still

One bachelor party from Vicksburg, Michigan was celebrating the bridegrooms final dates as a single gentleman in the Tennessee groves. Sure, that sounds like the premise for a pretty stellar repugnance movie, but this story is more of a Hallmark movie( but with 100 percent less Christmas ).

Instead of obliging it rain at the row golf-club, different groups shelled out some serious currency to take care of a knot of puppies.( In my opinion, the groomsmen should all be eligible for the next season of The Bachelor .)

Thats how some bros grew heroes or dare I say, he-broes? Im sorry. I should have never mixed those words like that.

The party first grew suspected that something was up when a bird-dog appeared at their cabin door.


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After sacrificing the dog, who showed malnourished and dehydrated, some irrigate, they followed the dog to a blot in the groves that she seemed to be guarding.

While the location didnt hide implanted gem, or thebody of a missing person, it was an adorable discovery.

The bachelor partyuncovered seven cute, and surprisingly well-fed, pups.

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