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Some hounds are just destined for greatness.

Meet Tea, a 5-year-old Afghan hound who’s become something of an internet awarenes in the past time. With her long silky locks, superb posture and vacant looks, ‘Tea’ has everything it takes to become an international puppy supermodel.

Just look at her.

Tea lives in Sydney, Australia, with her owned, LukeKavanagh. He knew she was beautiful, but he never fairly expected Tea to become this popular.

“Even our weekend steps attract a gang. She pretends she doesnt motive the attention, but she certainly cherishes it, just like any supermodel, ” Kavanagh told The Daily Telegraph .

A photo of Tea recently moved viral and was shared over a million times.

The dog has become a spokesman/ barksman for Royal Canine and was recently featured in an ad campaign for Harriot and Hounds’ bird-dog perfume.

As much as Tea is enjoying her newfound renown, her administrator/ owner Luke Kavanagh has been forced to turn down farther renders from corporations wanting to showcase the dog 😛 TAGEND

“Her retirement is due to no other intellect than I reached a extent where picture( grooming and show period) was taking me away from spend some time with my family and I want to prioritize them over campaigning my dog, ” Kavanagh told The Daily Telegraph .

For now, we’ll exactly have settle for these breathtaking, unhappily non-pettable photographs.

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