Thinking of getting a puppy and have so many questions, but these are just a couple of them

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To start: I currently work full time, live with my girlfriend in a duplex, and have a neighbor with a 2/3 year old dog. I have done my best to read through all of the info on the wiki, but if i missed or have forgotten any info please excuse the lapse.

My initial concern is about my neighbors dog. It is poorly trained and allowed free reign in the yard meaning it pees and poos all over and the neighbor rarely cleans up after it. Is this a concern for my puppy both health wise and behaviorally? Would being around a poorly trained dog impact my puppies training? And is there a puppy health concern with the dog pee and poop?

My other question is about anyone's experience bringing a pup to work with them. I am at a puppy friendly workplace and when the puppy has all of its shots I would like to take it to work with me so that I can take it out for regular bathroom breaks without needing to hire a dog walker. Has anyone had any experience with this? Could this be detrimental to puppy? Would it be healthier to hire someone to stop by until they are much older?

Anyway those are currently my primary concerns. The rest of the puppy raising seems daunting, but relatively straight forward

Thank you!

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