These Tweets About Selena Gomez& Justin Bieber Kissing Prove Fans Can’t Handle Jelena

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Tweets About Selena Gomez& Justin Bieber Kissing Proves Follower Can’t Handle Jelena

Jelena is back, you guys. This is not a drill. A photo of the couple kissing is all the proof we need. shared the passionate kiss pic and the tweets about Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber caressing are bonkers. Let’s check out what everyone is saying.

In the pic, Gomez bushes a kiss on Bieber during his weekly hockey game in L.A. after he flew over to visit her during his time on the ice.

She last-place checked out Bieber on ice a couple of weeks ago, which certainly had everyone getting those old-school Jelena detects when she wore his jersey. This kiss, however, takes things to a new grade and love is entirely no cold. And they shouldn’t because this is pretty epic.

This PDA moment all comes on the ends of Gomez’s recent breakup with The Weeknd, which was followed by the rumored re-coupling of Gomez and Bieber. It was all enough to obligate our intelligences spin, for certain. Everyone has been watching and waiting for the pair to confirm that they are definitely back on and this is a sure sign that they are more than only friends.

Some fans were apparently shouting this new development from the rooftops and, candidly, that appearing is so real 😛 TAGEND

Other followers screamed: “OMGGGGGGGGG JELENA IT’S OFFICIAL OMGGGGG, ” “Jelena is officially alive and i’m absolutely dead, ” and “so jelena is certainly back.” Yes, yes they are.

And, yeah, this is totally the time to do your joyous dance.

Another fan requested: “How many of you still want to say they are ‘just friends’ ?, ” while still another admitted: “Not gonna lie, I SCREAMED.” You’re not alone.

Everyone was gushing over the Bieber and Gomez kiss, but there was another reason to say “awww” because the “Wolves” singer accompanied her sugared dog to the game too. I candidly can’t administer the cute overload with this whole situation. What’s cuter than rekindled cherish? Puppies.

Another fan noted that this day is one that shall live on forever, tweeting 😛 TAGEND

Fans are still recuperating from the couple revisiting an old-time time discern earlier the coming week, this is something that kiss should certainly pushed some people over the edge.

There’s just massive prosperity all around to see these two back in each other’s lives.

How serious are Gomez and Bieber? An insider lately told: Justin was Selena’s first love. He will always have a special situate in her nerve. She’s always contained out hope that one day the requirements and timing would be right.”

Another source added that things are good between Bieber and Gomez, clarifying:

Additionally, an insider close to Bieber told that the couple aren’t racing in to anything, justifying:

The source included:

They obviously look happy together!

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