These Pet Owners Took Adorable Mother’s Day Photos With Their Puppies

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Mother’s Day is this weekend, so there’s no better time to appreciate the number 1 dame in all of our lives.

Dear age-old Mom.

Our moms are the ones whotake on the daunting enterprise of navigating us through life and never cease to unconditionally loveus( no matter how much of a pain in the ass we canbe at times ).

So if you ask me, most moms out there deserve damn awards, or at leastcards, for all of their hard work and dedication.

And I’m not just talking about the human mommies, either.

There are also a lot of proud doggy mommies out there whodeserve to be celebrated on Mother’s Day, as well!

Recently, talented photographer Chantal Adair, aka The Dog Stlyer, grabbed her camera and set out to captivate the beautiful of has become a hound owned by photographing various categories of pup mommas alongside their beloved hair babies.

All the descriptions expose something about the pairs’ identities, whether they’re dressedin matching outfits or hanging outin meaningful settings.

Adair’s photos perfectly capture the affectionate bond that exists between a human mummy and her furry four-legged child, and after you hear all of these heartwarming epitomes, you might just deem becoming a doggy mom yourself one day.

Check out the pictures below to realize proud mummies and their pup!

Chantal Adair and Rosenberg

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