These Adorable Bird-dogs Are Ready To Get Ruff At Sunday’s Puppy Bowl

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If you’re like most NFL devotees, you’re possibly gearing up to watch the Broncos and Panthers lead head-to-head on Sunday.

However, the Super Bowl isn’t merely humans.

It’s also a pretty exciting date for man’s best friend.The Puppy Bowl is held on the same glorious date, so lots of puppies are super run for Sunday.

These furry football players substantiate you don’t requirement opposable thumbs to be an all-star contestant and, if you ask me, this puppy-packed happening has the potential to be the best , not to mention most adorable, event that has ever happened in thehistory of coordinated sports.

I mean, why would you want to watch a cluster of dudes in close-fisted pants chase one another around when you can watch an epic touchdown that ends in a piling of puppies?

Whether these fur pellets are investigating football gamblings, qualifying hard on the field or reppin’ their crews with some adorable doggy jerseys, it’s not hard to see these lil’ fellas are totally ready duke it out for the Puppy Bowl trophy.

Take a look at the pictures below to assure these furry football fanatics.

Humans aren’t the only ones agitated for the biggest football affair of the year.

The Puppy Bowl will too be going down this Sunday.

This year’s opposings are ready to throw down for the name of top dog…

As they stand up to the canine competition…

…and leave it all on the field find tournament day.

They’re suited up in their shoulder pads…

They’re repping their tail-wagging crew colors…

They even have their hound helmets…

…and some earnestly cute activity faces ready to go.

The playersare using those little paws to perfect their snaps…

Running up and down the field to enhance its speed….

…and working on catching those footballs like genuine canine champions.

Plus, these puppy players have considered so many plays…

…they’ve mostly become one with the ball.

Seriously, only look at the purpose of determining on these furry faces.

Yep, it’s not hard to see these Puppy Bowl participates eat…


…and sleep Fido football.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt they look downright adorable while doing so.

Who’s ready for the Puppy Bowl? I’ll tell you who: this dog.

It’s not only the players, either.

The Fido fans and the rufferees are clearly gearing up for Sunday, too.


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