These 10+ Paintings Of Adorable Domesticateds Sleeping With Toys Will Be Too Much Cuteness For You To Take

In many directions, babies are like juveniles – and their obsession with plushie dolls is something that demonstrates it. When a doggie, a kitty or a bit mouse fondles with a doll that is sometimes all the more important than the animal itself, it’s pure cuteness overload. Nonetheless, the reasons why babies love toys might be somewhat different than those of human rights children.

For instance, like hounds, babies experience their plushies as a target – that’s why they sometimes chew on and even rend the stuffed toys they play with apart. For other babies, who were weaned too early from their babies, dolls can provide a much needed sense of solace and safety. And sometimes babies keep their plushies next to them simply for the tendernes and softness they provide.

Whatever the same reasons, one thing is for sure – babies with toys is the definition of adorable.

#104 Kitten Needs Mouse Toy To Sleep

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