The world’s most funny dog video

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The globe's most amusing canine video

20 thoughts on “The world’s most funny dog video

  1. Ammar Ahmad

    i have pet bird my father trying to hold a bird but my bird just move it’s
    neck back and forth and bite my poor little father🐇

  2. Anderson C

    Taking a dog skydiving. Himmm…”Did I strap him in securely enough?”. What
    if he lands wrong? Surprised the skydiving company OK’d that. Would be like
    putting your dog in the “side seat” for motorcycles. Or putting it in one’s
    leather jacket thinking it’s secure enough. Poor dog. Cats have “9
    lives”…dogs… :)

  3. Dogisto

    That dog looks like it’s contemplating living so hard!
    Oh man, that was amazing lol
    the cutest things ever!!!!!!!!!!!
    walking away xD
    what did we do to merit doggies?
    i love all types but i favour straight dogs!
    A dog is a mans very best friend :slightly_smiling_face:
    I intend this from the very bottom of my heart: thank you.
    Dogs are awesome
    Very nice!
    Why do folks dont like this?
    I thought it was just me but it was still a great video.
    i consider all dogs are friendly as long as you treat them well

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