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Front-loading the TL;DR: Will our pup, who is settled and quick to learn during the day, eventually outgrow being an absolute shithead in the evening? And is it okay to bribe our way to some peace with a bully stick every evening until he does?

The pup is a 14 week old Tibetan Terrier puppy with a howl that could shatter glass. Our puppy schedule is at the end of the post.

Last night was awful – pup had the attack-zoomies from 8pm onwards. When we tried to relax he tore through a frozen Kong in minutes and then started whining and pacing in the crate. Once out he bit the living hell out of everyone. I had to resort to putting him in time-outs in a separate room for biting (something we avoided til now because he screams when left alone for more than a few seconds and I'm training to desensitise him to separation anxiety).

By bedtime we were all exhausted and fed up, and I was tearful from feeling so guilty. It feels like I am absolutely failing to raise a dog that we can live with.

PLEASE tell me this is normal, that it gets better, and most of all tell me if it's okay to give him a bully stick every night as at least that keeps him occupied long enough for us humans to wind down a little after work / before bed…???


8am breakfast, playtime / grooming / training

9am – 11:30 crate in office with potty breaks hourly

11:45 active play (fetch, chase) or walk

12 lunch, playtime

1:30 – 4:30 crate in office with potty breaks hourly

4:45 walk

5 dinner, playtime

6pm – 6:30 crate in office / kitchen with beef chew

6:30 – 8:45 supervised free-ranging in the house with play / training / potty breaks at regular intervals [this part he's usually pretty okay for, but starts to get crabby towards the end]

8:45 walk

9 supper

9:15 crate in living room with frozen kong / bully stick [this is when the devil joins us, as soon as the kong or bully stick is finished]

12 bed

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