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I've posted on here a few times about our now 9 month old GSD mix. The TL;DR version of my other posts are: since we got him six months ago, it's been nothing but illnesses with trips to the vet. Then immediately into aggression issues even with a clean bill of health after extensive testing. Basically we've never had a healthy and happy dog in him.

We've come to the difficult decision it's time to return our pup to the rescue we got him from. They are willing to keep him as a sanctuary dog until he is ready to be adopted again or for his lifetime if his behavior doesn't improve enough to be adoptable. His favorite place in the world is his boarding facility so we know he will be at least be ok in a rescue environment. We've tried everything for this dog but ultimately we don't have enough room in our apartment for all 3 of us to live safe and happy lives together. His rescue is in a rural area so our hope is that he can go to live on a farm with another dog and a family more able to accommodate him. We know in our hearts that giving him back to the rescue is his best chance at a long and happy life as much as it hurts to say goodbye. He has the potential to be a great dog for someone but he has made it more than clear that it unfortunately isn't us.

I know there are people out there who think you should never re-home or give up a dog but this post is not for those people. We don't have the resources or the space to give this dog what he needs for a happy life and we cannot simply move to accommodate him which may not even solve our issues. This decision has not been made lightly. It's been absolute hell to live with him for the last few months but it's also absolute hell to give him up because we do love him despite his flaws and aggression.

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