The Real Problem With Lena Dunham And Her Dog

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Lena Dunham is caught-up in what she’s calling, unironically, a “micro-scandal.”

An animal shelter in Brooklyn claims the 31 -year-old creator of HBO’s ” Girls ” sequence lied about her pup Lamby, who she recently sacrificed away because, she suggested, it has behavioral troubles.( She’s previously tweeted about Lamby’s Prozac prescription ).

The shelter where Dunham got her hound, meanwhile, told Yahoo News the coming week that Lamby did not have a traumatic past. Dunham hit back, as they say, with another Instagram pole Thursday night, insisting she did not lie.” I will not apologize ,” she told, explaining that as the dog’s “mother” she did what was best.

The whole incident is like 85 percent of the reason why people abhor millennials, so-called coastal upper-class and the blackhole that is celebrity social media in 2017.

But beyond that trifecta of repugnance, and overlooking the question of whether or not Dunham told the truth, the real vexation of the Lamby situation is the way Dunham talks about her relationship with the dog, endlessly referring to herself as Lamby’s mom.

This isn’t just a Dunham quirk either. She’s just another bothering dog-person who’s disorient having a baby with creating a human child.

I did what I fantasized the best mom would do, which was to give him a life that provided for his specific needs ,” Dunham wrote in her Instagram post this week.” He’d been with me for nearly four years and I was his mom- I was in best available position to discern what those motives were .”

Nope. No.

Lena Dunham is a lot of things: Builder of a genuinely funny and original show that changed the practice dames are depicted on the small screen. She is a talented comic performer. A skilled essayist. The developer of a cool email newsletter. A provocateur even.

She is not, however, a mother.

The affairs adult humen have with their pets are indeed complex, loving and beautiful. I do not doubt there was a real canine to human alliance here, as Dunham aptly illustrated with numerous cute photos on her Instagram( and on Lamby’s personal Instagram) over the years. Alas, a pup is not a human child.

Would the mother of a human child explain why she yielded away her boy — after four years — by writing this? ” Shout out to @jennikonner for listening to endless hours of Lamby pain, and specially my partner @jackantonoff for affection him even when he spoilt floorings and couches and “peoples lives” .”

Dunham owned her dog for a few years, and apparently it urinated on the flooring a lot and didn’t ever play the style “its been” ” belief” to.( I necessitate, it’s a pup .) So, she imparted it up.

We can leave the shelter and Dunham and the remainder of the internet to quibble to the reasons why the dog was annoying, I guess.

None of this is typically how parenting toils. Parents of young children clean up minor pee, vomiting, poop and god knows what other frights from our homes and our organizations. We cope. We learn that we cannot have neat happenings. There’s generally not another option.

Also, it’s worth noting: Dunham saw this coming.

” Nothing about “peoples lives” these days establishes me an especially good nominee for having a pup. For starters, I’m never dwelling. I wreak all the time, and when I’m not working I’m asleep in a pile on my couch ,” Dunham wrote in a New Yorker essay about getting Lamby in 2013. She also says that her lover is allergic to dogs and not especially interested in getting one.

She narrates her first nights with the dog, how it saved her awake with its barking. Still, by the end of the paper at the least, she makes her peace.

” He is mine, and I am old enough to have him ,” she writes.

It’s possible that was the biggest lie of all.

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