The Puppy Periodical, a Daily Discussion Thread: Please Read Before Posting!

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Welcome to /r/puppy101’s Daily Discussion Thread!

This thread will contain our basic Intro and the sub’s rules within the textbox but the purpose of this thread is to share little stories, ask questions that don’t require an entire thread, celebrate your puppy’s milestones and of course to receive support from other owners – new and experienced alike!

Our mission is to provide constructive and supportive advice for puppy owners who need help with a problem, have questions about training, or just need some encouragement while going through the crazy journey of puppyhood!

Before you post

Please read through the basic articles in the wiki and search the sub to see if your questions have already been answered.

If you have a question that requires posting a photo, please submit a text post and link to the photo within your question text.

If you would just like to introduce your pup or share a cute picture, do so by submitting the photo in our stickied Weekly Photo Thread not our Weekly Thread.


Recommending dominance training

Recommending programs, publications or sites that support dominance training.

Recommending use of aversives like pain, fear, startle or intimidation, including methods/tools like shock collars, prong collars, spray bottles/collars, alpha rolls, scruffing, verbal abuse and any form of physical punishment.

Posts or comments that are clearly off-topic or trolling.

Posts that are links to commercial sites, blogs or training videos. Useful links to videos, products or websites are allowed in comments.

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