The problems with my genius new training method are starting to manifest

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I had the great idea of taking 1/4-1/2 of my puppy's food for the day on hikes and periodically giving her a few pieces of kibble when she was following along with me. I thought this would train her to stay by my side and that it might make leash training easier in the future. Initially, I thought I could keep increasing the amount of time between each time I give her kibble until she just followed along without bribes.

Now I've realized that she walks the whole time, right where I want her to be, but 100% of the time looking up at me waiting for food. Today I was walking with her and realizing this plan of feeding on walks was a bad idea, so I was trying to just walk. She started pulling away a lot of trying to get into everything we walked by rather than walk with me.

My theory is that she's looking up at me waiting for treats and not getting them while I ignore her, so she's getting frustrated as if I'm punishing her. She's started getting really, REALLY, bitey with me like she will not stop pulling on my pant's leg.

How can I train this expectation of treats out of her and to just walk? Or should I be rewarding on walks still but rewarding something else? I apologize if I'm not describing this issue well, more than happy to clarify, and if anyone has any insight on how to help that'd be great

edit: Another likely related thing I've noticed is when we are outside if I reach towards her to pet her and she realizes there's no treat, she'll pull away.

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