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We recently got through a bad stretch of puppy diarrhea with my 5mo mixed breed, and fortunately the tests came back clean and there's no infections or parasites causing it. As a result of the temporary switch from our normal dog food (Petco's Whole Hearted brand) to rice and boiled chicken, we noticed some interesting things that I have questions about.

While on rice and chicken the number of poops was just below 1 per day. And that was a tiny one, maybe 1/4 or less of what we experienced before. Normally she will go 3-4 times a day. Is this an indication that she is not able to digest a lot of what we are feeding her? We slowly transitioned her back to regular food and her poop is getting soft, though not at all diarrhea like. Just enough to leave residue when picking it up. I feel this is not the right consistency. Do we need to think about another expensive vet trip or should we try switching her food? I am a fan of Nature's Balance for my Cats, and we originally were feeding her this. However Wholehearted seemed to have better ingredients and was about the same price. We experienced a similar softness while she was on Nature's Balance, but it eventually started to firm up. My puppy loves to go nutso at the dog park, or while playing fetch. Whatever time of day we do these activities, they always lead to a porridge like poop. I thought this was normal, as a result of the exertion moving things along faster than usual. My vet said otherwise, this is not normal. Do any of you experience this?


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Edit: When feeding chicken and rice, I was directed to replace 1 cup dry kibble with 1 cup rice and 1 cup chicken. Double the volume of food, but way way less volume of poop. We did this for 3 days then weaned her back onto dry food over 4 more days.

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