The only time of peace is when the puppy is in his crate – PLEASE HELP

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I am seriously struggling. No matter how many YouTube videos or articles I read I feel like I am failing. Whenever I take my puppy out of his crate and attempt to play with him all he does is jump, bite (playfully) and bark for attention. I've tried everything that I've been reading as far as what you are supposed to do and I am even ignoring him. I fear that the only time the puppy is in good behavior is when he is in the crate or playpen. I know he also knows to go potty outside on the grass patch of the patio, but he never goes when outside and always holds it until he is inside. I am losing my mind. I found myself yelling "no" at him which obviously didn't help and just made me feel like a bad owner for possibly making him scared. I also put a leash on (4ft) like they say to and now he just bites to leash. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. It's so frustrating that I dont even feel like I can play with my puppy to build a relationship.

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