The new dog walker left my puppy roaming free in the house after his walk…

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Franklin is my 12 week old Australian Shepherd, who I’ve had since 8 weeks, and I’ve certainly run the gambit as far as puppy blues is concerned. I’ve been raising him on my own, and work a full-time job, so my life has been positively consumed by the puppy. Between the sleep deprivation, constant cleaning, and being the only barrier between my dog and his apparent desire for suicide, I was feeling pretty down.

But recently Frank has been responding to me so well. He’s had no accidents in the house. He’s listening to me when I tell him to stop chasing the cats. He’s learned ‘sit,’ ‘paw,’ and ‘down.’ He’s gotten over his fear of dogs and people and is sweet to everyone (he just gently licked a baby’s toes on a walk the other day!).

Then today, I opened the door to my apartment and see his goofy self bound over to me. I instantly started panicking, expecting nothing but pure chaos. But there wasn’t a single broken trinket, chewed up pillow, or pee spot! The only difference between him being in the crate and roaming free was that he was too tired for his full walk, and currently is napping instead of playing!

Now I certainly won’t be letting him roam free again for a while, and probably won’t be enlisting the services of that particular dog walker again, but I’m just beyond pleased with the progress Frank has made and finally am so unabashedly happy to have him in my life!

TL;DR: My puppy was fine after being allowed to roam— my puppy blues are disappearing due to his quick learning and behavioral progress!

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