The Most Ridiculously Jaw-Dropping Fantasy Gifts Ever

From the moment the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book “His and Her” fantasy gifts debuted in 1959, it was a agitation. And for the right reasons. The indulgence department store had the audacity to furnish the type of jaw-dropping and bank account-busting endowments( submarine or airliner, anyone ?) that yield clients speechless.

This year, the offerings are no less impressive.

If you’ve get $80,000 burning a fault in your pocket, seem free to buy a huge ikat-embellished stem that’s filled with accessories and vintage encounters handcrafted by women around the world and curated by mode icon Iris Apfel. For $150,000 they are able to snag an Arch motorcycle designed by performer Keanu Reeves and his business partner Gard Hollinger. And if coin is truly no objective, then wasting $400,000 for a 12 -day dream trip to India might be more your acceleration.

It’s no surprise that every year we’re left asking ourselves: Are people certainly buying this stuff?

The answer is a echoing “yes, ” Ginger Reeder, vice president of corporate communications at Neiman Marcus, told The Huffington Post.

What started as a method to drum up advertising for the supermarket rapidly became a viable business. Reeder says that about half of the endows are sold each year.

The most expensive gift ever offered was an unfinished Boeing Business Jet in 1999 that was priced at over $35 million — it never sold. But when it comes to the most expensive knack that were actually sold, that award goes to the $6.7 million NM Limited Edition Bell helicopter, which was offered in 2001.

With so much copious spend going on, Neiman Marcus makes a point to give back. Each time the company selects a benevolence to donate a portion of the follows from the sale of the fantasy talents. The Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation, which raises enriching artwork experiences to youth in communities nationwide, will benefit from this year’s auctions.

While we’ve get our hearts set on that Iris Apfel-approved trunk of gaudy supplements, we are trying to round up some of Neiman Marcus’ most mind-boggling offerings of all-time. Check out the 11 pieces selected( and interpreted) by Reeder below — and prepare to be amazed.

His And Hers Shar-Pei puppies, $2,000 each( 1983)

Neiman Marcus

“Mr. Marcus was known for specializing in the rare and the beautiful. In the 1950 s the Shar-Pei was down to a merely 12 dogs. When these were offered, merely 2,495 were registered with the Shar-pei Club of America.”

Chinese ‘Junk’-Style Boat, $11,500( 1962)

Neiman Marcus

“This ornate Chinese boat resulted in eight orders to be delivered to five different the organizations of water.”

Editor’s note: A “junk” is an ancient Chinese voyaging ship. Editor’s note: A “junk” is an ancient Chinese voyaging carry.

Double Bathtub, $4,000( 1966)

Neiman Marcus

“A bath shop in Paris claimed a copyright for the idea of the double bathtub. Mr. Marcus was advised by guidance not to go to Paris on his annual buying trip-up lest he be arrested. The suit was eventually settled.”

Noah’s Ark, $588,247( 1970)

Neiman Marcus

“To combat the feeling of despair percolating the company, Mr. Marcus came up with a Noahs Ark, which would take four years to build and included a selection of swine. And for the optimist, he offered an oak sapling for $10 that would grow to a height of thirty hoofs or more. We did not get a single order for the Noahs Ark — but over 1,500 for the sapling.”

Mummy examples, $6,000 for the pair( 1971)

Neiman Marcus

“The genuine mummy occurrences moved front page report of all the countries. They were shipped directly to our then-new storage in Bal Harbour, Florida, to celebrate the opening of our first store locating outside of Texas. They were purchased by the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Diego.”

Black Angus Steer, $1,925 or $2,230( 1959)

Neiman Marcus

“The control was offered either on the hoof for $1,925 or in 300 pounds of steaks, cook, ground beef, etc. for $2,230. We sold one steer to a patron in South Africa whereupon we learned we were responsible for the care of the control while it was in quarantine for 6 months.”

Custom Suit of Armor, $20,000( 2004)

Neiman Marcus

“The suit of armor was bought by a duet for their adult son who traveled the country attending medieval bazaars. Contemporary beings cannot fit into antique armor so it was a perfect gift.”

2002 Ford Thunderbird, $41,995( 2000)

Neiman Marcus

“When Mr. Marcus went to meet with Ford regarding this retro styled Thunderbird, they told him they are willing to do a limited publication of 200 the largest we had ever offered. He thought they were crazy, but they knew what they were doing. We sold out of the cars in 2 hours and 15 instants — a brand-new evidence for us! ”

Camels, $4,124 for two( 1967)

Neiman Marcus

“Only one was obtained. The camel arrived to the states on Christmas Eve precisely in time for live coverage on the 10 p.m. information. A wife in Fort Worth, Texas, was watching with her daughter and said, I wonder whos the darn clown going that? She found it under her outdoor Christmas tree the next morning.”

Submarine, $20,000, 000( 2000)

Neiman Marcus

“There were no purchasers for this submarine, but the next year — just after 9/11 — I received a label from the operators saying that a ‘Sergeant Ryan’ necessary me to announce him back with respect to the submarine. We had received so many escapade calls about the submarine( Does it come in yellow? Can it be gift-wrapped ?) that I was shy to ask Sergeant Ryan back. I finally did at the end of the day. He was announcing from the New York City Terrorism Task Force and was trying to determine if there was a private submarine out there that they needed to be tracking. After assuring him that we had not sold any, I proceeded to apologize for taking so long to get back to him, but that I was not sure his label was not a pun. He said, ‘No problem Ms. Reeder, when I sounded there was a catalog offering a $20,000, 000 submarine I thought that might be a joke.'”

His And Her Beechcraft G18 ,$ 149,000, and Bonanza, $27,000 Airplanes( 1960)

Neiman Marcus

“This was the first His and Her gift. We got a request from a West Texas rancher saying that he could not give both airplanes, but he would like to buy one for the ‘little woman’ who had been hankering for a plane of her own for a long time.”

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