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  1. DolleHengst

    Finally a list without the Pitbull, and without idiotic American comments
    saying it’s the best and strongest dog in the world

    1. RudeDudeVooDoo

      +DolleHengst I am American and I agree with all of your points. I have a
      Kangalwho will probably grow to be the biggest dog in my city. He is a big
      awkward puppy now.

  2. XBloodyDesiresX

    the great pyrenees (pyrenean montain) is the sweetest ♥ he wouldn’t harm a
    fly despite his large size :)

    1. Brian TX

      Depends on if they’re threatened. I watched my aunts pyr blinded an
      Austrian Shepard faster than I could react.

    1. nagmashot

      they are not… by europen FCI bread standarts the minimum size of a male
      great Dane is slightly taller than that of a Irisch wolfhound

    2. nagmashot

      Federation Cynologique Internationale = FCI by far the largest Kennel Club
      in the world (86nations are members) have standart files for every dog
      breed, like minimum heigh for male and female dogs of each breed or minimum
      weight or color etc…
      FCI standart Nr 235 is for the Deutsche Dogge/ Great Dane .. minimum high
      (shoulder) for a male is 80cm
      FCI standart Nr. 160 is for Irish Wolfhound .. minimum shoulder high for a
      male is 79cm

  3. DerZeppterdesAldi

    0:47 As a little child I got attacked by 2 of this kind of dogs but pitch
    black at the same time. To me they looked unreal like wolf creatures from
    the underworld. Their owner unleashed them and said attack! My cousins
    called the police but he was gone fast. Since then I feared dogs for many
    years but did overcome my fear later as i grew.

    1. Bakeon^

      i call that a lie. the ovcharka is id say the most feared and biggest guard
      dog and if 2 of them attacked you i doubt you would be alive unless they
      just nibbled and growled at you.. ofc they dont need to be trained as a
      killing guard machine dog they can also be nice.

    2. DerZeppterdesAldi

      +Bakeon^ belive what you want it happened… I have no opportunity or need
      to proove you besides I find it very disrespectfull and unintelligent to
      call someone a lier without proof too. Have a nice day sir.

      PS: They didnt bite hard into me they just run at me took me to ground and
      bite a bit through my clothes I wondered my self why Im alive maybe he
      called them back but it wasnt a dream for sure…

  4. Karen Rae

    Does the Bernese Mountain Dog officially make it onto the list? I saw ur
    Great Pic of the Swiss Mountain Dog, one of the major contributors used to
    bring the Bernese Mountain Dog back from the brink of disappearing as I
    understand. The coloring of Both is the same- and So Striking I might add :
    Visually, the only difference between the two Mountain dogs from that area
    is the glossy short coat of the “Swissie” & the equally glossy, slightly
    wavy long coat of the “Bernie”. I also seemed to find the Swiss dogs to be
    just a bit smaller/lighter than the Berners- but by only a very small
    I’m sure by now you’ve guessed I’ve had the pleasure of sharing my life
    with one of these absolutely Wonderful dogs. A very cherished Bernese
    Mountain Dog, “Murphy” was part of my family, as well as my most perfect
    Service Dog & Best Friend for over 9yrs. I’ve missed him every day since he
    died. It’s been many years since then, my kids are all grown & I’m soon to
    move to a place of my own. I’ve always wanted another Bernie, but with the
    very real weather shift to a Much warmer climate here now, I’m considering
    a Swissie with the short coat. I’ve heard their temperament is much the
    same, so I’m beginning my dedicated research into learning all I can about
    these beauties, then on w/my search for another Large companion.
    Thanks for including the Swiss Mountain Dog on your list. Hope to see the
    Bernese Mountain Dog too in your next list. : )

  5. saria ahmed

    Shiloh shepherd, majestic tree hound, king shepherd, giant schnauzer,
    leonberger, Scottish deerhound, Pakistani mastiff, Spanish mastiff, Tibetan
    mastiff, those are all the giant breeds you missed.

  6. Sugar Alsdorf

    I have had GREAT DANES all my life and they are the best dogs to own if u
    TAKES IT!!! I will always take a GREAT DANE OVER ANY OTHER BREED!!!


      +Sugar Alsdorf actually the great dane isnt the largest dog breed, while
      they were once recognized as the tallest breed that title currently belongs
      to the irish wolfhound

  7. Enes boss

    bro my kangal weights 210-220 pounds and was 98cm tall he killed over
    30dogs in his life thanks to stupid owners who thought that there dogs
    where stronger… idiots thinking that a dog like that would lose or
    something kangals got 700-800pound pressure biteforce!!!!!!!!

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