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Hey everyone, I have an almost 12 week old pitbull pup (probably staffy and american pitbull mix). After having her for a few weeks she started scratching and biting herself hard enough to create large, open sores. After a visit to the vet we found out she had a fungal infection. She gave us a steroid, something for the actual fungal infection, and something to kill mites, just in case she had missed that. Well two days ago she had her last pill for the infection and we thought all was well. Until last night, when she reverted to waking up 5x because she was so itchy, and she is starting to create open sores again already. We have a wash to help calm her skin, we've tried benadryl, several "hot spot" and other anti itch sprays and creams (including an antifungal), and have nail caps for her to keep her from ripping up her skin as easily. We have another appointment with the vet in a few days anyway for her next round of vaccinations, but if this gets any worse we will try to get her in sooner. Obviously I'm not asking anyone to try and diagnose her, but have any of you had similar experiences? We also give her a daily allergy supplement.

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