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Hello puppy101,

English is not my native language, I'll do my best. 😉 I am so glad there is a "vent" flair. I really need to express myself.

…it feels like i'm doing nothing but mistakes. Crate Training : I must be more consistent. And there is no divider bundled with the crate I own, and I never found the right object to reduce the space of it. Cardboard will be eviscarated in no time. I am considering buying bricks.

I know it. Keep the dog in the crate while you are at home, get her out on a timely schedule, let her make what she needs to do, if she does, reward, play a little, or teach a little, or go out for a few minutes, come back, let her in her big crate (play park) for no longer than 30 minutes, and go back to the crate. How hard is that ? Why the hell I am not doing it as consistently as I should ?

Why is it so hard to know what I want to do when I'm with her ? Is this the right moment ? Is she ok ? Does she want me ? Why does she ignore me ? Whe is she now obsessed with me ? And my shoes ? Why can I clean her eyes so easily sometimes, and others it's almost impossible to hold her ? Am I dominant enough ? Too much ? Does she spend too much time in her crate ? Or not enough ? Why have still not figured out what time of the day I want to feed her ? I know it's all my fault. Consistency has always been my weak spot. For Christ sake!!!

I started reading "The other end of the leash", and now it seems obvious that our instincts around around dog are not really good.

Worse is : she is an easy puppy. It's obvious. Everything she does is normal. She's the definition of what you would expect of a puppy Corgi. She is not extreme in any way.

Puppy blues ? Why have I read so much about puppy and dog training these last 4 years and never about puppy blues until I actually got a puppy ?

I'm your 40 y.o urban male who has put his career on hold partially to raise a puppy. And it is a total heat wave here in Paris. She probably drinks more that she would under a "normal" weather. And I'm "overthinking" everything. It's only been two weeks ! So, yeah, I nedded to vent a little.

Oprah's cute puppy tax :

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