The Happiest Pregnant Doggo Had Her Very Own Baby Shower And Twitter Is Swooning

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Good hounds deserve to have everything their slobbery heart’s lust. And when they’re pregnant( doggo is a gender neutral word, right ?), that includes an epic newborn rain. At least, that’s the instance forpup proprietor Gisselle O. Suarez, whose pregnant dog’s baby shower has started viral on Twitter for obvious grounds. Suarez shared three photographs of her grey pit bullshit, Winter, at her rain, writing, Yes, we did throw her a child rain. It might be the sweetest occasion I’ve ever seen.

Witha off-color tutu wrap around her puppy-filled belly, Winter was all smiles in thepresence of her favorite humans. While she likely had no plan her period at the beach was actually a revel in her honor, Winter appearsgrateful in the snapshotsas she eyes a platter of sandwiches on a table beside her presents( wrap in baby pouches, OMG ).

Honestly, I’m pretty sure any pregnant human would love the same babe rained venue.

Twitter was understandably inwith Winter, but numerous customers were quick toremind Suarez about the importance of spaying animals to prevent overpopulation. To set it into position, PETA reports that only one unaltered female dog and her offspring canproduce 67,000 puppies in only six years.( So many puppies .)

Since Winter is already well into her pregnancy, though, I think it’s safe for all of us to be extremely happy for the mama pup and her nearly-here litter, visualized below.


These weepings are just allergies, it’s OK.

Me as a bird-dog mom.

People were upset they weren’t invited.

Some too wanted to know whether Winter gottoenjoy a sandwich, because I HOPE SO.

Congrats, Winter!

Now all youneeds is a dog maternity hit, and you’re mostly a monarch. I hope I look just as moderately at my future child shower.

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