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This is really just a vent and please don't take anything i say too seriously… but i'm getting to a point where the arguments about what to feed our dogs really annoying…

I'm part of a group on facebook for rehoming dogs, i joined over a year ago when i was looking to adopt my first dog. From time to time there will be first time puppy owners seeking advice on what to feed their dogs and there will be thousands and thousands of comments from people telling them what they feed their own dogs and then come other people criticizing them or judging them for feeding that brand of food and basically every comment is contradicting the other.

And then come in the "Feed your dog raw" commenters, YES i agree raw can be wonderful for dogs and it is great, but these people will basically fight to the death to argue about why you should feed raw, and realistically not everybody can afford it.

Every person that has suggested raw to me usually pays under 100$ a month for their subscription, and trust me, i'd go raw in an instant if that was the cost for MY dogs. I got quoted by 4 different companies in Canada and there wasn't even one quote that was under 200$ (average was 250$ + taxes) plus taxes and plus shipping PER DOG, the highest quote i've received was 700$/month for 1 dog. I personally can't afford 500$/month on dog food and people make me feel like i'm a bad owner for it and tell me this is what i signed up for when getting dogs and that i shouldn't have them if i can't afford raw… like i'm sorry i don't have an extra 6,000$ a year laying around to feed my dogs, it currently costs me 200$ in kibble and i give them a bunch of extra stuff like sardines and veggies (I'm personally not comfortable right now preparing my own raw meals at home, i'm researching it, but i'm not at that point yet)

I love that people are passionate about their animals and want to feed them what they feel is best, but the arguments, judging, criticizing needs to stop and its driving me insane!!!!!

Ok rant done.

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