The Fat Jew’s Dog Got Married Wearing Marchesa and Vera Wang

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Dog marries aren’t just for ‘Broad City’ attributes. Last-place week, two Instagram famous bird-dogs Toast and Finn officially got married in a pup marry that expense more than your dessert sixteen. The doggy bride, Toast, who’s owned by The Fat Jew, was wearing a Marchesa custom wedding dress and a Vera Wang rein because of course she did.

The wedding took place at the High Line Hotel in New York and was attended by the RHONY squad, as expected. If you think this all voices nonsensical, you’re not wrong. This is as betchy as hound weddings are able to obtain. Not merely did Simon Doonan walk Toast down the aisle, but even the dogs in attendance were socialites, including Chloe the mini Frenchie and Baby, who is Chloe Radziwill’s dog.

The event was apparently to raise money and awareness against puppy mills. Requests “cost” $ 150 but we gamble the dog outfits alone for the party expenditure more than that. Either course, it was an excuse to drink and play with puppies.

If there’s any lesson we can learn from this puppy defendant it’s that being rich doesn’t excuse you from being borne. Clearly this idea was born out of having nothing else to do. The only event to make this more ridiculous is if the dogs went on a honeymoon or got caught in a steamy affair. We’ll await the Instagrams.


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