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Hi all, So I have a 12 month old white GSD. She's an amazing dog, listens to everything I tell her and obeys. Hardly barks, doesn't have a mean bone in her body, loves everyone and all other dogs. This is, until I go to work.

I'm a single bloke and live alone, Diesel fitter in the coal mines of Australia. My line of work is even time roster so I work 5 days then have 5 off, we live local to the mine so I'm home every night/day if I'm on night shift. They are 12 hour shifts every day, with roughly 30 minutes travel each way, so I'm out of the house roughly 13.5 -14 hours a day on the days I work.

Saying that, most days if I'm on day shift we go for a walk when I get home, if I'm on nights we will go to the park of an afternoon before I start my shift. My days off, we do all sorts of different things together.

Yumi (the dog) while I'm home is an amazing dog, doesn't chew a thing. But it's when I'm at work each shift she turns into a terror, she has toys in the back yard that periodically get replace as she breaks them.

But she's turned next level, destroyed her bed, so I got her a kennel. It's a metal frame with canvas as the putter material, cost me $250. It's lasted 4 days and now is just a pile of scraps in the back yard.

Meanwhile a garden hose is lucky to last a day if I forget to disconnect it and put it away in the shed.

I have tried different toys and balls with her, those ones you put food into and she has to spend ages trying to get the food out. Big fresh bones to keep her occupied. So far nothing has worked and I'm out of ideas. I'm hoping it's still just a puppy thing and she will grow out of it.

Does anyone have any tips on how to get her off this behaviour? It's not only frustrating but actually starting to cost a lot of money.


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