The Case of the Missing Recall

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My dog has had decent recall. It's not perfect, but it's good enough that I feel confident in my ability to control her at the dog park. That is until yesterday. She decided that me calling her to come back meant she could zoom by me at full speed, never coming closer than 10 feet to me. I even lost her for about 5 minutes because she left the area of the park we were in.

Today I tried again at a time when not many other dogs were around and in a secluded area. Nothing. She sprinted full speed and wouldn't come up to me at all, even though she knew I had cheese which is one of her favourites. I had to physically jump in front of her and grab her harness to get her anywhere near me. At that point, I was getting so frustrated that I decided to call it and we left. I know you're supposed to end on a good note, but if it kept up, I was just going to make it even worse.

THEN she did FLAWLESS loose lead walking the whole way home. Which she never does.

I'm just SO frustrated because she's high energy and NEEDS her daily runs at the park but I can't take her if I can't get her to come back. So now I have to change my schedule to get her enough exercise without going off lead AND redo all her recall training. If you've made it this far, thanks for reading. I really just needed a vent.

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