The Bizarre Truth About Purebred Dogs (and Why Mutts Are Better) – Adam Ruins Everything

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For more information regarding the reality concerning purebreds, watch the BBC docudrama Pedigree Dogs Exposed, or check out the adhering to sources:
* Wikipedia: Full-blooded (Pet dogs) – (pet dog).
* 100 Years of Type "Improvement" -.
* Wikipedia: Kennel Club -.
* Wikipedia: Pedigree Dogs Exposed -.

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Adam – Adam Conover.
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British Lady- Jocelyn DeBoer.
British Lord – Adam Lustick.
Dr. Frankenstein- Pat Cassels.
Inbred Nobleman- Paul Welsh.
Snooty Bulldog Owner- Mike Trapp.
Additional Dogs – Leading Pet dog Skill Agency.

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82 thoughts on “The Bizarre Truth About Purebred Dogs (and Why Mutts Are Better) – Adam Ruins Everything

    1. Mr.Death

      +Glitchwork games This video is about how humans created those dogs through
      selective breeding, a pomsky is created by human intervention

    2. Fancy Fance

      Kate Speaks I have a purebred, but I did have a mutt. I definitely don’t
      have preference for either because my mutt dog, Max, was sweet, but so is
      my purebred Vizsla, Dexter. (I actually think the Vizsla has a little idk
      mixed in with it)

    1. xFukairix

      Yes, but most hunting dogs nowadas (even shiba’s) are bred for looks, which
      comes with a lot of inbreeding (might’ve happened a long ago, but that
      still leaves it’s mark on the gene pool) which unfortunately means some
      genetic diseases.My grandfather owned multiple hunting dogs for rabbit
      hunting (actual hunting!) but even though the breed is only ever been used
      for hunting (breever) since they now are bred for only showmanship they’re
      extremely prone to cancer. Checking any breed for genetic diseases is a
      must, even if it seems like the breed should be healthy.

  1. Gregory Mowser

    this entire video is based off an old wife’s tale, pure breds aren’t worse,
    what matters are the breeders u get them from

    1. FunkyCorpse

      You miss the the point entirely. A pure breed, regardless of how good the
      breeder is, is inherently inbred. There is no other way to achieve the
      different ‘breeds’ of dogs that we have today. If you were to, say, breed
      two mutts and the result are two pups that you quite likes the features of,
      you cannot simply breed them with another mutt. You will lose those
      features within a few generations, more than likely. What you have to do is
      take the two pups you like, breed them, and produce more pups from parents
      with only those features. This is how you get specific breeds.

      You see, the point is that if you take, say, a corgi for example. Far as I
      know, corgis haven’t changed much over the span of their breed. Since dog
      breeds are not separate species, they can interbreed, meaning that over
      time, a specific breed of dog would naturally be lost as its features were
      weeded out by interbreeding with others. So to have kept the same dog for
      so long inherently requires inbreeding.

      Welcome to genetics.

    2. tokira20170

      Welcome to Genetics indeed. Responsible Breeders refer to something called
      “Coefficient of Inbreeding”, in order to PROMOTE and PRESERVE genetic
      diversity in their pups, they strive for a low COI.

    3. Lil B 永遠の基地

      +tokira20170 Doesn’t matter. Unless they can travel back in time, there’s
      no way you’re going to find a purebred that isn’t inbred.

  2. NymphetaminexXxGrrrl

    Whenever i come across people who are all smug and elitist about their
    “super fancy expensive pure bred” i say congratulations on having an
    incestuous dying animal… (ok i’m not that mean) but i have basically
    tried to explain this same thing about how all animals including humans
    thrive on diverse genetics, and keeping races or breeds “pure” just leads
    to problems…people get SO angry!!! i never thought facts were so

    1. NymphetaminexXxGrrrl

      +Jonathan Swadling I’m not going to argue every different breed on the
      planet, just that it is basic genetics and science that a more diverse
      gene-pool leads to less health problems.The fact that you mention animals
      had to be shipped across the planet to strengthen bloodlines acknowledges
      exactly the point i was making, so thank-you for making my point for me.

    2. Jonathan Swadling

      +NymphetaminexXxGrrrl They were looking to introduce traits that weren’t as
      common as desirable in the local gene pool, which is very different to the
      genetic issues caused by inbreeding. The issues were to do with
      temperament, not health. So you’re wrong twice. A more diverse gene pool
      does not lead to fewer health problems, a gene pool needs to be above a
      certain size to avoid the issues associated with inbreeding – primarily the
      expression of harmful recessives. University genetics and biochem may have
      been a couple of decades ago for me, but I think I remember enough to know
      when the issue is gene pool size and when the issue is bloodstock

    3. Mei Smith

      I have a purebred…but he’s a rescue. It’s true though, my dog is now
      allergic to chicken and grain. I think he has more health problems because
      of the inbreeding and the issue with his breed is my vet said they must be
      overbreeding because he was in a shelter. He’s a treeing walker coonhound,
      but I love him, and I don’t think insulting or talking down to the dog is
      fair game. I mean it is what it is, but it sounds like your blaming the dog
      more than the person who isn’t educated about the truth of purebreds. Also,
      humans and dogs are two seperate things. I’m mixed, but that just means
      that I add more health issues or advantages to myself. It’s not like mixing
      is a cure for anything.

    4. The Saint

      You are basically saying they spent lots of money on a incestuous dying
      animal, instead of the purebred animal gods they pretend these poor dogs
      are, and you should keep saying it.

  3. Ignice

    Yay Mutts!!! I keep telling people that they are the best. I think there is
    some sort of stigma because people associate mutts with being shelter dogs
    and shelter dogs often have anxiety or trust issues because of abuse or
    abandonment. And yes, a lot of shelter dogs do take time and effort, but
    isn’t that what having a pet is all about? My dog Annie, she’s no purebred
    and she is definitely neurotic and a little screwed up, but earning her
    trust and love has been rewarding. She’s not some pretty little accessory,
    she is a person with her own thoughts, fears, and personality. Mutts are
    the best because they are often unexpected, you can’t look up on a chart
    and see how they are “supposed to act” with their specially designed
    temperaments, you actually have to get to know the individual dog.

    1. Alice Cooper

      It’s like everyone is thinking like the Chinese.
      “You only marry a Chinese person, because it’s honoring to our family. ”

      Like, people want “purebreeds” because they look cute, and special
      But they don’t think that dogs are like people too. I mean, if no two
      brains are the same, then no two living beings are.

    2. zeiitgeist

      +Alice Cooper Chinese has a surname for that reason, prevention from
      inbreeding by tracing the family tree, not to mention you can’t marry
      within your own clan.

    3. Aria Clements

      I have a Norfolk Terrier that I got from the Humane Society. That breed is
      one of the most expensive in the world. She came from an abusive home where
      she had broken bones that weren’t set ad so healed crooked. I’ve had her
      since February, and she’s still nervous about going up to people, though
      she’s a cuddle-bug once in someone’s lap. We love her to pieces. Our golden
      retrievers let this tiny 8-pound dog think she rules the roost. (Her breed
      should be about 15 pounds, but abuse kinds can hinder growth.)

      But a lot of shelter-dogs have no issues at all.

      I happen to be in an area where there is no stigma whatsoever against
      shelter dogs. If we didn’t bring in dogs from other states, we’d literally
      run out. My little Juliet came from two states away. Even pits face no
      stigma here.

    4. Paris Whilby

      I have a mutt of my own, I love him very much he’s a jack Russell mix
      poodle mix Shih Tzu😊 his dad is a Jack Russell and his mom is a poodle mix
      Shih Tzu.

    1. Nexuscraft main channel

      +Killer Gnome Star i know what you mean that they are a bit cute but some
      people think they are the cutest pups in the world which they aren’t and
      that really bugs me

    1. Norkenz

      +Will Chamberlin It’s the internet, deal with it buddy. No one will listen
      to you or anyone for this instance except for gullible little kids. Sorry.
      I can’t do that.

    2. quinintheclouds

      +Voxel “It’s the internet” isn’t a reason or excuse to be mean without
      cause. You can have a mind of your own

    1. skullflame887

      That pretty much would be true if pokemon were real creatures. Some animals
      other then dogs do suffer from the bottle neck gene and one example of that
      would happen to be cheetahs which happen to be the number one example of it
      being in wild animals and it is also the reason why they are hard to breed
      in general.

  4. AnomalyFM

    why can’t this also apply to humans? Why has nobody thought about the
    consequences of refusing to reproduce with people of other races for the
    sake of maintaining a culture?

    1. TheNorth15

      +Max Taylor
      Actually depending on how distant your parent’s lineage is, the more likely
      you’ll gain healthier and stronger features. It’s called out-breeding and
      it’s been scientifically proven out of the strong performance of many
      biracial children compared to there “pure-blood” counterparts living on the
      US military installations in Korea and Japan.
      However one thing is to note. Biracial and out-breed is not the same thing.
      Biracial people just have higher chance of being outbreeded compared to
      there “pure-blood” counterparts but there’s still a chance they may hold
      closer lineage out of there two parents. An example is that a chunk of
      people who identify as African American are of European descent as well, so
      an American black man marrying a European white woman does not guarantee
      strong genes BUT there is still a chance as they still have some distant
      ancestry between them. On the miltiary installations, the majority of
      Caucasian Americans and East Asians today have a very very distant ancestry
      than most “races” and has a very high chance of reproducing children of
      stronger genes.
      In fact believe it or not, “race” is really just a combination of different
      ethnicities over time and because of that Europeans were actually more
      intellectually, not well-educated, smarter in ancient times back when there
      were many ethnicites. In fact people who haven’t outbreeded in years and
      are getting physically and mentally comfortable are actually getting
      intellectually dumber over the years and believe it or not. This is a main
      concern many scientists have for the future.

    2. Aria Clements

      The reason cross-breeding isn’t enforced in humans is because we’re allowed
      to pick our own mates in much of the world. We shouldn’t be telling people
      they must start dating other races any more than we should be telling
      people that they must stick with their own. For the sake of autonomy, we
      stay out of it. At most, our laws ban rape, sex with kids, and marrying
      first-degree relatives.

    3. swan.s bird

      Also, this has in a way been thought before. Remember his comparison to an
      Austrian duke? Never research the consequences on inbreeding royal
      Europeans. The problem was no one realized this. So in modern times people
      think about it, royal medieval families not so much.

    1. William Mason

      Genetically speaking yes. It’s basic biology, (generally) genetic diversity
      yields a stronger offspring. In crops for example, genetic diversity is a
      way to increase disease resistance.

    2. Essence Johnson

      No, you’re human not a dog, your health is not based on race or enthic
      background, just genectics or family history and yourself/lifestyle.

  5. remus grrrl

    Ummm…..I thought the info about dog breeds was common knowledge. People
    out there actually think these dogs are natural?

    1. kamron spencer

      DaiseHorse why is it a problem to say mitts are cute they are. Adam already
      have the other reasons to go with mutt over “purebred” so all that’s left
      is cute

    1. Terrax

      did i ever say that i hate cat people ? no . although i don’t tolerate how
      he mentioned cats . as if its a comparison

    2. Bub de builder

      Terrax “I’m a cat person” HOW WAS THAT A COMPARISON? If you can’t even
      tolerate people mentioning cats then it’s pretty clear you hate cat persons.

    3. Terrax

      +Bub de builder insisting that I hate cat people wont make it true . even
      if I hate cat people so what ? this is the internet I can get a away with
      negative opinions .

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