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Palm Springs, California is the perfect bachelorette location when you’re like, 30 and over the Vegas club scene. It’s a balance of sun, relaxation, and still a steady nightlife and plenty of places got to go. I literally just got back from a bachelorette party that I planned in PS, so I know all about everywhere to go. Palm Springs is known for being beautiful, having fantastic eateries, and being a largely gay community. Meaning: all the guys are gorgeous and totally respectful as they just simply aren’t interested. It’s the absolute best.

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Good Morning Palm Springs !

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How To Get There

I live in LA, we are therefore drove out. If “youre planning to” around traffic, the drive is only two hours. We left at~ 9am and got there a little after 11 am, which is perfect for max pool time. Whatever you do, do NOT leave Friday afternoon thinking you’ll make it to PS before sundown. You’ll get stuck in a traffic nightmare that could take you five hours to get there! If you have beings flying in from out of town, they can either fly into LAX and drive off, or Palm Springs actually has its own tiny airport! Which is course easier and more classy than the nightmare that is LAX. Keep in thinker when projecting your errand that PS in the desert, entailing it’s got extreme temperatures. If you go in the winter, it will be cold AF–although cheap for sure–but you won’t get to enjoy any pond epoch, which is half the detail of departing. If you go in the summer, think 120+ stage temps( Seriously ). Spring is prime time to go, but also more expensive, so plan accordingly. The temperature is hot and sunny but a much better bearable~ 90 degrees during the day and~ 60 -7 0 at night. And for the passion of God, do not go over Coachella weekend unless you miss sky-high prices, everything army, and have a death wish.

Where To Stay

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Much like Vegas, if you’re planning on going out, you obviously should stay on the airstrip. Renting a residence or an AirBnb is great in PS if you want to relax by your own pool, cook every banquet at home, and mostly not leave. Soo not a bachelorette trip-up, though. Palm Springs is pretty small-minded, but the houses can be wayyy out in the wilderness. Especially if you have a ton of parties, you don’t want to have to take three Ubers out three times a day for every meal. Big mistake. Huge. Stay at a hotel with a dazzling pond instantly on the row. I recommend the Palm Springs Hilton. It’s pretty cheap if you share areas( we did 4 to a room with two mistress berths ), the reserve is huge, and it’s in the middle of everything enjoyable. If you’re bringing 13 daughters, you require a inn with a big pool so that it doesn’t feel like human soup( disgusting) since other guests will be using it very. The location is perfect because as Maid of Honor, I have to go to not GAF what the other girls wanted to do, since there were so many options for everyone. You don’t want to pay the hotel tolls for meat by the pool? Cool, there’s hundreds of thousands of eateries, coffee shop, lunch situates, etc. all right next to our inn. Didn’t deliver sunscreen? There’s a hotel endow shop and a sunbathe safety store right outside. The poolside concoctions are also only $10 -1 2, which, as beings that live in LA, is super cheap. Normally nice inns have them at $20+!

What To Wear

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Cannot express this enough: if you’re going to Palm Springs in spring, or God proscribed, summertime, it is going to be hotter than hell. The dress code for all of PS is smart casual, so leave your six-inch stilettos at home. You want to look cute, wear minimal attire( even at night ), and wear shoes you can walk around in. There are so many prohibits and even golf-clubs around PS, so while you can dress moderately casual, I recommend following the basic going out bar dress code: no flip-flops , no sportswear , no hats. Nowhere we led seemed to care, but you don’t want to be turned away because you took casual more far. And wear SO MUCH SPF, even when you’re going out to dinner if you’re walking there! And emphatically bring a sunhat for the pool. You can thank me later.

How To Get Around

If you are paying attention, you should be staying on the deprive and therefore walking everywhere. The piece is not as big as Vegas, and all the fun rails and restaurants are within the same few blockages. Our furthest walk was. 7 miles( about 15 times) from our inn. If you really don’t want to walk, PS also has a free shuttle( called The Buzz) that we are able to jump on and get to where you need to go. It operates Thurs-Sun, 12 pm-1 0pm, every 15 minutes!

Where To Eat

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Palm Springs has so many fun restaurants, I candidly don’t think you could go wrong. Also, mostly everywhere in PS is dog-friendly, so although I don’t indicate wreaking puppies to someone’s bachelorette, you’ll get free sightings of them all over the place. A favorite restaurant of mine is Lulu’s–for any snack, whether it’s brunch/ dinner/ happy hour–because it is so cute and has amazing concoctions. If you’re looking for a merriment Mexican food place, check out Blue Coyote Grill for lunch and dinner. They have a totally gorg porch and enormous margarita happy hour slews. For a nice dinner recognize, check out Tropicale. They have a huge menu. They likewise own the nightclub next door, Copa, so if you have dinner there, you can ask the host to waive your entryway cost to check it out later that night.

Having brunch at Spencer’s is a must, you have to sit on the porch, and they accuse $15 a mimosa( lame) but merely $30 for a bottle of champagne, so prescribe bottles merely for your group and OJ on the two sides( or only drink the champagne straight-from-the-shoulder like a goddamn adult ). If you require a really cool dining experience, you can take the Palm Springs tramway up the mountains and have dinner at Peaks. They even offer group proportions. And if you want to check out a lag evidence, Rio Azul does draw brunch on Sundays.

Where To Party

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^ This person apparently has the hardest ass our bride has ever spanked, in case you were wondering.

There are soooo many fun barrooms and guilds in Palm Springs, all with a variety of excitement. Keep in brain that literally every rail is a gay bar. It’s a bachelorette reverie, but also good luck to your friends that want to meet straight-out followers. If your group is into karaoke, PS has one of the Top 10 karaoke smudges in “the two countries ” announced RetroRoom. It’s a little hole in the wall spot that is so much fun and run by incredible lag queen Jaella. Make sure you reserve a table ahead of time, as this place fills up. If you want to do karaoke all nighttime, be sure to book on a Thursday or Friday, because on Saturdays they stop karaoke for two hours to have a drag show! If wishes to do both, perfect path to knock them out at the same time. The drag see payments an additional $ 20 a person.

A necessity to hit up on your bachelorette weekend is Chill Bar, which is decidedly NOT chill. It’s a super enjoyable homosexual saloon with the most beautiful male go-go dancers. Their fannies will remind you why it’s important to do your squats. They have fun concoctions, alcoholic snow cones, and a huge room in the back with more of a sorority vibe. If you tip-off the dancers well, you can get them to give the bride a lap dance, which is well worth it, especially for the embarrassing photos. Other saloons/ fraternities to hit up include Quadz, Streetbar, Hunter’s, and Copa!

Friday, Day 1:

Pro Tip: Arrive early for max sunlight at the consortium.

Check into the hotel, unpack, and demand your berthed

Have lunch at Lulu’s and guild an Aperol spritz( so. good .) to toast the bride and get your weekend started.

Throw on your bikini, blow a fuse your Instagrammable pool floaty, and get a cactus margarita at the pond forbid!

Get pool drunk and take all the cute pics you can before you get horribly sunburnt( seriously though, wear SPF !)

Shower, chill, and are you ready.

Happy hour at Blue Coyote Grill. Sit on the porch and booze$ 5 margs to your heart’s content.

Check out Chill Bar’s v not chill Stripper Circus that is only on Friday’s!

Make sure to humiliate the bride by buying her lap dance from a beautiful gay follower post-show.

Sleep in and seizure brunch at the poolside cafe.

Fall back asleep on your pond floaty removed from your crazy darknes out.

Start pounding those cactus margs again( why are they so good though ?) and throw in the towel a Pina Colada for max vacation vibes.

Take a shower, relax, are you ready.

Have dinner at Tropicale, and make sure to mention to the host that you want to check out Copa nightclub later. They’ll put your name on the roster to waive the entry fee.

Head to RetroRoom where you reserved the figurehead table to sing Spice Girls with the bride and get drunk on cheap cocktails.

See the incredible lag queen display and make sure they fluster the bride here too.( That’s the point of a bachelorette, yes ?)

Head back to Copa, which by now will be crazy busy, and dance your asses off( you’ve gotta burn off those Pina Coladas ).

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