The best Protection Trained Dogs – Premier Protection Dogs Overview 2015

Ivan Balabanov's Premier Defense Dogs review of various stages of training and also dogs.
Couple of notes that may be handy and address one of the most Frequently Asked Question:
* The Ferrari did not get hit with the stick:-RRB-.
* The person at 3:20 is struck on command as well as instructions of the handler. It is training workout where the pet dog has to be led … also to a person that appears not to be a risk on first blush.
* 3:44 the same thing, it is not about being dead, but not going to attack without the trainer enabling it to do so. Strictly for training control. In actual situation this will be taken care of extremely differently.
Hope you delight in the video clip as it is simply a sample of training.

56 thoughts on “The best Protection Trained Dogs – Premier Protection Dogs Overview 2015

    1. Zzzxxxadrian

      Jennie Nguyen your answer is wrong I personally train this dogs and they
      don’t because they were never trained to , they always go for the easier
      part for them to grab so…. They go down (legs) or up (shoulders)

    2. Jennie Nguyen

      Zzzxxxadrian eh my second answer would be that they would need a new
      trainer every time if the dogs went for the face

  1. Ovidiu Litiu

    I don’t understand how people think this way. They want to buy mature
    protection dogs, already trained? Nobody in Europe does that. You cannot
    trust a dog that you didnt raise! Its not a car to give it from 1 person to
    another and expect to be the same car and behave the same.

    1. JordisWierd YLD

      Exactly i am an American i live in LA i bought my dogs both males 3 yrs ago
      they where 8 weeks old they have grown with me and they have treated me
      well just like i do one of them is also a LAPD K-9 unit cuz my dad is a
      Sgt. in LAPD none the less i have a friend who bought his GSD when he was 4
      the dog is a COMPLETE MESS

    1. Damian De

      +windbreaker57 Yeah, but… is it a clean copy of the update? I don’t want
      it to get a virus on my dog, you know…

  2. HappyPhilXD

    But what will happen if the kids will fight each other ? You know, because
    they are kids. What will the dog do ?

  3. Bruce Harrington

    *”This is an amazing program. Trainings like these are very rare. Doggy Dan
    has all the tools and equipments necessary to turn even the most stubborn
    dog into a perfect adorable dog [Details Here === *
    *** ] in
    less than a month. I can testify to this. This is indeed a great value for
    the money spent.”*

    1. 5 Star Companies

      I love this training. It has been super informative, and I look forward to
      how well it will prepare me for when my puppy arrives!

  4. Dodgeee


    Not good. Nobody comes with a gun so close …
    They would shoot from a distance and the dog would help nothing more …
    You should consider ^ ^

    1. keagon miller

      +Dodgeee Robbers tend not to shoot in a robbery because its very load and
      attracts many by standers, also robbers to flash their gun at you from a
      kilo away … they literally get right in your face

  5. spooks77

    3.19 xtremely disturbing to watch, that man was NOT threatening in any way,
    could have been a man just standing there, yet they dog went straght at him
    and bit him. Not really great in the *real* world…

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