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Scanning the condom region of almost any medication supermarket usually leaves me crushed for the purposes of the heavines of overwhelming alternative. So numerous perceptions! So numerous feelings I could seem! Do I want to chase the illusion that there’s just a barrier there at all, or do I want to embrace the facts of the case that I’m buying a dick sheath and go all in on sensory improvements? Studs or ribs or spiral flutes? Latex or lambskin? Do I want to hoard all the please for myself, or do I want to share it? Where’s that ultra-thin condom of the future “were in” promised?

We can attribute one part of this anxiety to my sometimes paralyzing indecision, but when it is necessary to condoms, the promises are endless: A million new ways to become safe sex look just as good as, if not better than, bareback. That will undoubtedly strike numerous readers as an impossibly lofty promise, yet condoms are all-important: When used correctly during penis-in-vagina fornication, condoms boast a 98 percent efficacy rate in preventing pregnancy( or 85 percent effective, if you are human and sometimes err ). Similarly, they’re up to 99 percentage effective in impeding HIV transmission during penetrative copulation, when used systematically and correctly.

In short, if you are looking to avoid sexually transmitted infections during oral, anal, or vaginal intercourse, condoms are a good way to do that. So which are the ones that won’t feel like a draw, the ones you’ll actually want to use? What condoms are the best condoms?

What are the best condoms?

Over at, illusion, hexagon-patterned rubbers that allow for inter-partner hot transmission top the listing. Men’s Health grades Trojan’s Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy as its better all-around condom. The Crown Skinless Skin condom( even though it is voices murder-y) has embezzled Condom Depot’s better condom of its first year apportion for 15 consecutive years.

Of course, what find good to any presented person is bound to be subjective, so I decided to test drive a few options myself. Enrolling a willing sex friend, I set about refuting the perennial question: What’s the best condom?

My partner and I called a local Walgreens and picked five different patterns from five firebrands, all intended for use during its consideration of penis-in-vagina sexuality.( No flavored condoms in the mix for this experiment–nothing represents me gag like the flavor of synthetic banana .) We then created a exceedingly scientific rubric on which to tallied our collections: fit, initial find, perceptions( and how those changed where reference is changed standings ), and how well the condom given on the promises plastered across its parcel. In hindsight, our pickings indicate “were in” looking for a condom that felt like not wearing a condom at all, an oxymoronic expectation that might set one up for frustration. Here’s how the race shook out.

1) NaturaLamb Luxury Condoms by Trojan ( aka “real skin-to-skin intimacy”)

This lambskin condom was far from being the best of all five condoms we researched. Nonetheless, I’m hesitant to rank it number 1: The NaturaLamb does not protect against STIs.

For my manpanion and I, this is not an issue: We’ve both been recently experimented, and I have an intrauterine device( IUD ). But this condom is going to be moderately pointless for many others who aren’t in a mutually monogamous pairing and are confident in one another’s health status.

Screengrab via Trojan

While my partner and I were surprised to learn that lambskin doesn’t guard against STI transmission, that’s alone because we didn’t read the packaging before establishing our acquisition. Trojan is crystal clear about the product’s limitations, and for that reason, NaturaLamb should live up to a more responsible consumer’s beliefs.

Luxurious vibes? Check–these puppies were regrettably as expensive as their mention proposes. Kling Tite( tm) technology to keep the condom in place? Check. Water-based lube for increased consolation? Check. Increased sense? Extreme check. After the two partners wheeled on the NaturaLamb, I passed my finger down his jibe and derived a full-body shiver.

Removed from its wrapper, the Natural Lamb presented as additional crinkly and clung to itself, a slightly deeper colour of tan than its contestants but without any persisting sheep smellings. Despite its more freeform appearing, my partner reported that the NaturaLamb did not find baggy once on his penis , nor did it feel confining or suffocating upon interjection. For me, NaturaLamb experienced thin and soft, as close to his penis as is possible to get from a condom, and in comparison to the disappointing latex amount we’d tried instantly before, lambskin significantly perked up copulation. Both of us agreed: Out of everything we experimented, NaturaLamb was as close to no condom as a condom can be.

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