Thank you, Puppy 101! (Or if you have the puppy blues, read this)

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Thank you, all of you, for all of your training advice and realistic confessions of the puppy blues. Our puppy was a 6 year plan in the making, it was the furthest you could have from an impulse. But the first weeks (got him at 8 weeks) were HARD. My husband instantly bonded where I felt like a prisoner to his biting, peeing, pooping hyper animal. I loved him but wasn’t feeling the attachment I thought. Fast forward to his 6 month birthday. We’ve done 12 weeks of puppy kindergarten, we hired a dog walker and trainer 2x a day before my husband could take him to work, we followed all of the lesson plans. Once he got all of his shots it was so much better, but today is when I was hit by overwhelming love. I had a chance to take him in to the office for a photo shoot in a normally non friendly dog office. He was SO well behaved. He rocked it during the photo shoot. He had zero accidents! Then he had a 40 minute bus ride home where he laid in my lap quietly. Ironically it’s the night before I leave on a trip, but omg, tonight I really confirmed that “I will die for you” moment. Not to say I didn’t love him before this, but this was a turning point.

So with those with young puppies:

Puppy blues are real. And they’re OK to have. No matter how much you planned or prepped or wanted this dog. They happen. You’re normal.

Take. Time. For. Yourself. Go get your nails done. Go grocery shopping. If you don’t have a partner to help (thank you husband!) he will be OK in his crate. It’s cliche, but you put your own oxygen mask before helping others for a reason.

Also, when they’re real young, enforce naps. I would always feel so guilty coming home from work all day and not spend my last waking hours with him. He needed naps after 90 minutes awake when he was young. Once I learned that, we were all happier.

Find a great puppy class that allows dogs without all or their vaccinations but takes precautions to keep your dog safe. When you can’t take bitey mc biterson out, that hour a week was a haven for all of us.

Keep consistent. It helps you and your puppy. They crave structure like toddlers. Don’t give up. Know that even if you don’t feel that love right Away, your pup most likely does. Your hard work is working. Keep going.

Wishing you all strength and success 🙂

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