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A while ago I posted seeking advice for a senior rescue dog (who bounced around homes before we got her) who was trying to bite us, jumping on the couch, pooping indoors and eating our rug.

We had tried different activities to get her engaged, different dog beds (3) and toys (ropes, squeakiest, balls, etc) and she continued to do those things.

couch jumping: Someone here recommended an elevated bed, so now she has 4 beds (3 from before and the new one) including a plush elevated one. She never jumped on the couch again!

chewing: I left a paper towel on the ground by serendipity and she had a great time shredding it. Now, every day we leave her a couple. She loves it! (And continues to ignore her toys). She stopped biting the rug because she plays with paper.

biting: we stopped punishing her for biting. Instead, we just were like “aw, silly baby” and kept petting her. She realized we weren’t out to get her and stopped biting.

pooping: we stopped making a big deal and just clean it up and continue our day. She was guilty enough without us pointing it out to her. She’s less nervous and has less accidents.

Thanks to everyone here who suggested a soft approach. We definitely weren’t hard on her or punishing her a lot, but it seemed that even a firm “NO” resulted in her getting really scared (possibly from her past home(s). She’s such a smart and good girl and loves to be a part of the household now!

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