Tfw you get to full-on relax on your couch because you managed to tire your puppy out before bedtime.

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Wow, has this been a satisfying day.

Right out the gate this morning, little dude was ready for action. He couldn’t even concentrate on eating breakfast because he was just SO EXCITED to be awake. It’s not exactly contagious for me, but it’s cute and it forces me to be more of a morning person.

Our husky/pyr has been playing with him these past few days! No contact really, they just chase each other back and forth. I’m SO happy that they’re getting along and having fun together, but having your usually chill 90lb dog getting zoomies all around the house at 8am is… a lot lmao

Then later I took them both to the vet for vaccines, and because I couldn’t go inside bc COVID, plus a scheduling error, I was sitting in my car with my freshly-awakened puppy and grumpy girl who looooves to bark at other animals for about 40 minutes. The vet tech finally walking towards my car seemed like an angel of mercy.

So we get home, and Dexter is somehow still. not. tired. Fortunately, I’m running on a shitload of caffeine today, so we played fetch and practiced drop it until I couldn’t get him to focus anymore, then walked up and down the block practicing recall and “look at me”. He did so well! I’ve had him for about 3 weeks and it’s SO cool to watch the concepts start clicking.

And now he’s dead to the world and I’m free to crack open a couple ciders and watch some brain dead television. My boyfriend ordered like $60 in Chinese food. Hell yeah.

Like any hard day’s work, raising a puppy is so satisfying once the sun sets and you get to reflect on all you did. Some days I’m just counting seconds dying for him to fall asleep again, or crying out of frustration in the bathroom, but I’m gonna try to remember the days like this when I feel that way.

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