Texas heeler getting possessive with toys

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I have a 9 month old Texas heeler, he is amazing with training and has caught onto commands super quick. He’s been trained out of herding and nipping, but lately he’s been getting really possessive of his toys, mostly during fetch. He’s been trained to come and drop the frisbee or ball at my feet, but the other day when I went to pick it up he lunged and snapped my hand pretty hard, he didn’t break skin. I know he was going for the frisbee and not my hand, but I still don’t want him to lunge like he did when I’m taking his toys away. He’s also snapped the frisbee away when we’re at the dog park and people besides me try to play with him. I don’t want him to accidentally nip someone if they pick up his frisbee, or me when we’re playing. Any tips on training him out of this behavior?

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