Territorial and Aggressive Dog – My heart is broken – Please read. Needing advice.

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I'm not sure if this will be long or not but I'm struggling so much right now, feeling on the constant verge of a panic attack. My boyfriend (we're long distance so I'm not around but having been providing full support from afar) rescued a GSD mix (looks almost purebred) almost two weeks ago. I was really adamant the dog be given a proper routine, boundaries and training from day one. I quickly learned he was anxious and fear aggressive towards humans when my boyfriend let me know that he has slightly nipped two of his friends when they went to pet him. I figured we could work through that and had started him on a basic obedience program. He realized the dog wasn't destroying things when left alone and let him sleep on the couch over night. I am the one who's big on dog behavior, confidence building and positive training. Almost two weeks later my boyfriend has had friends over and today he unprovoked jumping at one of their shoulders and broke skin. I've realized that this dog who has had nothing his entire life has become possessive and territorial of the apartment. I've contacted two trainers and a behavioralist begging for help. My boyfriend is ready to give up as he is afraid that the dog is going to go for him at any point and that he can't have this liability in his life. I don't think my boyfriend is wrong. I am just taking full responsibility that this is OUR FAULT. My boyfriend let him sleep on the couch alone and watch the nips escalate from one nip to two to eventually breaking someones skin. I want to try and work with the dog but my boyfriend is ready for him to go. Plus, he's going on a trip next week for 10 days which is not ideal timing.

My biggest fear is now that we've essentially enabled this dog to bite someone he's absolutely unadoptable and my heart is being destroyed knowing I don't live there, can't give this my full efforts and the likelihood is he'll be put down. I am un shambles. I also fear for my own trauma if we give him up, not knowing what's going to happen to this dog. Please help me with your advice and experiences. I'm really hurting.

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