Terrifying noises in the crate

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Here for advice, moral support or just to vent… We have a 9 week old Shiba Inu puppy who we’re slowly crate training. He’s only done short stretches of time alone in the crate, with me still in the house or room. Tonight I put him in his crate, intending only to have a bathroom break (God forbid) and he almost immediately starts making a fuss… Not just screaming, but the most God awful noises I’ve ever heard, like nothing I’ve hard before from any animal. We typically give him his rest breaks and alone time (when we’re gone) in a penned off room with his crate, and he does pretty well with this set up, but we want him fully crate trained if we can.

We have to have his crate in another room as our room is too small to fit the crate. Every piece of advice online is for keeping a crate in your room…

We definitely always make sure to play with him, potty him and make sure he’s had food and water before going in. We’re trying to do everything right. I just can’t believe the horror I’ve been listening to, he was in there at most 2 minutes before the shrieking began.

I WAS intending to go back in there with him but then he started acting up. I know I’m supposed to ignore it, and reinforce when he IS calm and quiet, but my reinforcements of his calm moments always seems to rile him up into a frenzy again. If he calms down, do I continue to leave him be, or reinforce and risk rallying him?

Oh and he does not care about food if we aren’t around him.

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