Terriers with CGC

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Hello everyone! I have a typical smart, stubborn, and sometimes extremely defiant/sassy (talks back constantly) terrier who I want to train to get his Canine Good Citizen. I did a quick search here on reddit and didn't see anyone with a little terrier bragging about their dog passing the CGC test. I know there are some really well behaved terriers out there and search results on reddit are by no means representative of the entire group, but they are notoriously difficult and mine is no exception. They're just too smart for their own good. So I was just wondering if there's anyone who had a sassy little terror whom you trained to be a mellow, friendly, and now obedient terrier.

Mine has been through basic and intermediate obedience and passed but was bored and barky any time the focus wasn't on him and he had to sit around watching other dogs do their thing. I know he won't want to go classes, even though I love them, so I'm doing it all on my own. Long road ahead.

the terror

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