Teething in the middle of the night – God help us

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We had an angel puppy for two months. Fully potty trained, crate trained (like, totally silent all night) and solid on his commands.

He's now a 5 month old Cavalier. While losing his tiny front teeth, he'd occasionally wake up in the middle of the night and whimper. We would give him an ice cube or carrot and he'd go back to sleep. No big deal.

But then the canines hit. Dun, dun, DUNNN. Yesterday he lost his first little fang accompanied by some blood and whining. We directed him to chewing toys and put him to bed like normal at 11 pm.

Between midnight and 2 am, he whined, barked and rolled around pawing at his teeth. We tried ice cubes, carrots, stuffed frozen kongs, a frozen dish towel and a pig ear…basically anything in our house that he can chew on. He chewed on all of them but nothing settled him. He seemed to be really uncomfortable and there's a big hole where his canine was. We tried sitting with him to soothe him, laying next to the crate, etc – even in our laps, he was frantically chewing, though he stopped barking.

Usually, we are firm "bark it out" believers, but by 2 am, we were seriously concerned about a noise complaint (we live in a nice apartment building). So my husband took him to the couch where he spent another couple hours chewing (and losing another tooth), before they finally fell asleep.

TLDR: What do you do with severe teething nights like this? It seems to happen primarily in the evenings and at night. Is pain medication a thing for this? Did anyone have this experience? WHEN DOES THIS END? How do we handle this without "breaking" his otherwise wonderful crate training?

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