Teenagers are hard

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At five months, my puppy was perfect. I thought I had gotten over all the frustrating bits in the first month I had her. She no longer nips, sleeps in her crate like a champ and I was constantly getting praised at the park for how well trained and mannered my five month old was.

Then she became a teenager. She's seven months old now. She used to have such a strong recall and now she'll completely ignore me when I call her name or tell her to come. She's started barking at neighbours and people walking past my yard. She doesn't respond at all when I say "no". I taught her not to beg for people food, but now she's constantly trying to steal my food and not responding to "leave it". I taught her to respect the cat's space, and now suddenly she's chasing and barking at the cat all the time and won't listen to me when I call her off.

Is this just a phase? How do I "re-train" her? I KNOW she knows all her commands. She's a super star when she wants to be but I don't know how to handle this new stubbornness. Anyone else experience this?

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