Tech hack lets your hound text you all the selfies like the millennial she is

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When life gives you technology and a really cute puppy … you teach your furry friend how to text selfies to you, of course.

The makers of cloud communications company Twilio established a container, powered by an Arduino Yn, that will let your pup send you selfies.

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Greg Baugues, a coder at Twilio, “ve decided that” schooling Kaira, his puppy, how to turn on the light-footed switching wasn’t enough and took it to the next level by schooling her how to press a button that would snap a selfie of the puppy and text it to him.

We caught up with Baugues so we could play with Kaira learn how to master this tech hack.

What you need

Using some easily obtainable sides, some basic programming and the Twilio service, Baugues composed a gadget that tells his pup be the millennial she rightfully is.


Arduino Yn, $75

Big ruby-red button, $10

Webcam, $30

Twilio telephone number,$ 1 per month


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