Teaching puppy to play

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My 17 week old beagle/terrier mix has a hard time playing with toys to occupy himself or with us. He is most happy snuffing around outside which is great, but in a few short months it will be bastardly cold here and he will need to burn off energy in other ways because we simply won't be outside 2-3 hours a day tooling around. He will play tug for about 2 minutes then lose interest and go to nibble the coffee table again. He LOVES a new toy for about a day, then quickly loses interest. We keep them picked up and present them at random to increase the appeal, but he's not interested. He does like to be chased and to chase, and will get pretty thrilled with just that, but I feel he needs more mental stimulation than that to really round out his energy. I've been working on fetch, and he either doesn't get it yet or doesn't like it. He will occasionally run after the ball, but then run right back to me to get chased some more. Is he just too young to get the concept of fetch? Is there other ways we can get him to occupy himself at this age or is it just part of the growing pains of puppyhood where he either needs to be napping or entertained or he's looking for trouble (i.e. electrical cords, the edge of the rug)? Thank god for Bully Sticks, because they get him to zone out for over an hour every evening and give him something to gnaw on appropriately and we can watch a show or just relax without constantly having to re-direct him.

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