Teaching a dog proper walking behaviour while the rest of the family is not listening

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Hi everyone,

My dog is a 3 year old brown labrador retriever. I was very passionate about teaching my dog all sorts of tricks as well as proper behaviour (even though I felt like a dog right now is too big of a responsibility, I kind of inherited the dog with my girlfriend). I had to do proper training while living with my in-laws who never listened to anything you asked them to do in regards to training the dog i.e. they gave additional human food behind your back (plate cleaning etc.), they let the dog in bed every time, they got pulled constantly when taking her to a dog park or they used retractable leash.

I got some help from my girlfriend (and we took care of the dog most of the time) who tried listening to all my advice but she also broke the rules from time to time since cuddling with dog in a bed is something she can't resist.

Unfortunately I have work where I have to travel quite a lot(let's say 1 week per month) and then dog care falls a lot more on my in-laws. I feel like my brown lab forgets everything I taught her every time I leave for a few days. Everyone except me is using a retractable leash for walking the dog and my walks with her turned into a nightmare where she pulls every step of the way.

My question is: is it even possible to train a dog in conditions like this? The dog is still behaving a lot better when I am nearby and she listens to me more than anybody else but trying to teach her same stuff every time I come back is very exhausting. It got to a point that I hate every time I have to walk her out and I am kind of lost what to do.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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