Taking care of lost dog. My current dog is aggressive.

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I have a 10 year old 90lb yellow lab. He is an okay dog as far as obedience goes. Ive had him his whole life, first dog I raised completely by myself. He grew up in a rural area with multiple acres to run in with a 30lb female dog and 4 cats. He does not act aggressively towards medium/large dogs or cats. He does hate small dogs.

He was never socialized well because of the amount of land I had at the time. I never had to take him to a park or even on a walk. him and my other dog would just run around together all day, swimming in my pool, chasing each other etc. That is a lesson I learned. I need to socialize my pets even if I have no reason to take them off my property.

So today I came across a poor, lost Shih Tzu in the middle of a 4 lane road outside my neighborhood. I'm going through all the processes to find the owners, but things are not looking good. I have the income, capacity, and will to adopt this dog if I have to, but I am concerned about my Lab.

We may have rushed introductions today a little. over last 5 hours weve been slowly letting my lab get the new guys scent, and we had them in the same room far apart while I gave my lab treats. He was very very anxious. At one point the shih tzu ran over to meet my lab and my lab snapped at him. Of course we calmed the dogs down and then ended the session when they were relaxed. I dont intend to rush the introductions anymore.

So I am looking for advice. We have no problem keeping them separate, and mostly intend on doing so for the time being because we dont know the little guys vaccine history. This aggressive behavior from my lab is upsetting. I am very sad that he would snap at any animal. It is confusing because he gets along so well with cats and larger dogs. He has killed a few coyotes before when my my dogs and some coyotes fought over a dead rabbit. That was years ago and not a concern at the time because of where we lived. The dogs needed to be able to survive against coyotes and large cats. I am concerned about it now.

I know this is long winded. Im a little bored with this staying home shit going on right now.

TLDR: Little lost dog. Big old dog. Big old dog snapped at little dog. Can my big dog get passed his anxiety or aggression towards small dogs? Help!

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