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26 Cute Domesticateds Who Are Super Worried About Everything Right Now

The world is a perpetually mystifying target for our silly, fuzzy acquaintances. Though there are some who find the force required to brave all the riddles of life with negligent vacate, there are plenty of others who would much instead tread lightly.

Of course, there’s good-for-nothing wrong with being a little bit cautiou. It’s better to be safe than sorry, as they say. Nonetheless, these entertaining cats and dogs take that anxious nature to a whole new level with their adorably obsessed faces.

1. “What if the other dogs at the ballpark don’t like me? “

2. “I have to bark at the chick outside! It’s a matter of life or death! “

3. “Are they giving me away to someone? Did I do something bad ?? “

4. “You remembered the baggies, right? “

5. “Why is everything so big-hearted and terrifying? “

6. Maybe she should be a little more worried…

7. “You okay in there, buddy? Can I get you anything? “

8. “What if I never catch my fanny? “

9. “Tell my wife I adore her.” – this dog on his path to the bath

10. “Mouse? Eek! You handle it! “

11. “You’re not contagious, are you? “

12. “Um, speed restriction, ever hear of it? “

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13. “How is she not drowning? ” “I don’t know, dude, but we better keep watch.”

14. “I can’t help but notice all the bacon is virtually become and I still haven’t had any.”

15. “I should not have gobbled all that grass.”

16. “You almost forgot me.”

17. “That burrito looks like a lot for one person.”

18. “What if I’m not the good boy? “

19. “I received a creepy movie that started just like this once.”

20. “Oh, so…we’re maintaining this thing? “

21. “No , not the vacuum-clean demon again! “

22. “Please, I beg of you: use the soothing cycle.”

23. “…what have I been doing with my life? “

24. “That smell wasn’t me, I affirm! “

25. “Curiosity did what to the feline ?? “

26. “Shots? Needles? But…why? Did I do something wrong? “

Aw, it’s alright, little busters. You exactly want to make sure everything is smooth sailing. Besides, mettle is wholly overrated.

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