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Start your Monday smart: Golden Globe, Harvey Weinstein, impeachment, Taiwan, NFL

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Drew Brees talks how to prepare for a Super Bowl( 2017)

Streaming assistances reign Golden Globe nominations

Pope Francis celebrates Epiphany( 2014)

Comedian announces out Harvey Weinstein during live show

Giuliani: I would testify at impeachment trial

Here’s why 5G is the future

Elon Musk tweets brand-new SpaceX flight simulation video

Who’s who in season 3 of ‘The Crown’?

North Korea indicates it could resume nuclear testing

‘1 917 ‘ takes audiences on a WWI mission

GPS WEB EXTRA: China’s new programme towards Taiwan


The most decorated olympian of all time will carry the US flag at the Olympics opening ceremony

Image: Jonathan Moore/ getty images

Team USA is kicking off the 2016 Rio Olympics by bestowing the honored name of pennant bearer on the most decorated Olympian of all time, swimmer Michael Phelps.

The decision to allow the famed athlete to conduct Team USA into Rio’s Maracan Stadium during Friday’s opening ceremony is fitting since Rio is set to be Phelps’ final Olympic challenge.

In a interrogation Wednesday morning, Phelps told Today the honor is, “something I’m apparently looking forward to…There’s emphatically going to be a lot of emotions.”

Though it showed as though we investigated the last of the 18 -time gold medalist after the 2012 Olympics, the swimmer aimed his retirement back in April 2014 and announced he was training to compete in this year’s competitions. The 2016 Rio Olympics will mark Phelps’ fifth and likely final Games.

According to Today, Phelps will be the first swimmer since Gary Hall in 1976 to carry the U.S. flag during the opening ceremony.

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Pup-lover Putin knack brand-new dog for birthday

Moscow( CNN) President vladimir putin, a puppy admirer, was presented Wednesday with a puppy as a tardy birthday knack from the heads of state of Turkmenistan.

The alabai, a top Turkmen-bred variety of the Central Asian shepherd dog, meets the Kremlin’s developing kennel.

Foreign captains from Japan and Bulgaria have also endowed Putin puppies, but the President’s most beloved dog was a black Labrador named Koni, a present from Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.


Scientists rescued from polar abides in Arctic

( CNN) Five Russian meteorologists “whos” captured on a tiny island by 10 polar carries for two weeks were eventually been rescued after hounds and flares fright the makes away.

The drama began at the Arctic weather station on Troynoy Island on August 31, when a polar suffer killed one of the two puppies there, is in accordance with Vadim Plotnikov, head of the station.


Merriam-Webster doesn’t miss ‘fascism’ to be word of the year, and you can help

And the word of the year is …
Image: AP Photo/ Nathan Martin

Many of us will remember 2016 for a few words that will forever echo somewhere in the pits of our brains.

“Trump, ” for one, but also “bigly, ” “alt-right, ” and others we perpetually sounded during the presidential election season and its aftermath. But Merriam-Webster has a little discussed message on its mind that is apparently including information on the minds of numerous dictionary customers: Fascism.

Fascism, as of Nov. 29, was Merriam-Webster’s most-looked-up parole of the year, which necessitates it’s the leading nominee for the dictionary’s annual “word of the year.”

The kinfolks behind the Merriam-Webster Twitter account are not joyous with this, and on Tuesday they tried to get followers behind awareness-raising campaigns to look up other words.

Merriam-Webster love could, of course, precisely look up any parole they required in hopes that one of their favourites would rise to the top.

However, the team are trying to streamline support to dethrone “fascism.”

So there we are: Flummadiddle is perhaps your underdog campaigner to defeat fascism in 2016. Bet “youve never” thought you’d read a convict that included those two words.

Flummadiddle, if you’re wondering, is defined by Merriam-Webster as “something absurd or worthless.”

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21 Ways The World Became A Better Place To Be In 2015

1. The Church of England got its first female bishop.

2. President Obama called for equal rights and respect for the LGBT community in his State of the Union address. This celebrated the first time a President actually said the word transgender in a presidential address.

3. Laverne Cox, known for her role in Orange Is the New Black, became the first transponder person to be made into a wax representation at Madame Tussauds.

4. Andreja Pejic is the first openly transgender simulation to be the appearance for a major cosmetics brandMake Up For Ever.

5. Museums and other major public spaces( like Six Flags and Disney World) have begun residence proscribes on the use of selfie sticks.

6. Britain is appointed the first country to allow mitochondrial replacing therapya procedure that would allow embryos to be created with the DNA of three different parties, which would help prevent rare and incurable maladies that are passed down the maternal line.

7. Ariana Miyamoto is the first mixed race wife to prevail the designation of Miss Japan.

8. Cuba officially received wireless Internet when favourite creator, Alexis Leiva Machado, set up a public Wi-Fi spot in his Havana studio.

9. The U.S. Navy successfully achieved designing a test monotone to refuel in mid-flight for the first time ever.

10. The Star Wars franchise was officially screened for the first time ever in Chinaprior to that, the only path parties in China could watch the movies was through illegal downloads or pirated DVDs.

11. South africans elected its first pitch-black captain, Mmusi Maimane, in hopes to garner more funding from pitch-black voters in order to alleviate power from the African National Congressa group that has reigned South Africa since the apartheid was abolished in 1994.

12. An Indian mom residence a personal ad for a groom for her sonthe first time an Indian family has maintained the extremely traditional Indian woo process for a extremely untraditional Indian couple.

13. Ireland be the first time that country to approve same-sex marriage, with 62% in favor.

14. Then, at the end of June, the US State supreme court ruled gay marriage is legal nationwide.

15. Satnam Singh Bhamara grew the first Indian-born basketball player to be drafted into the NBA. He now plays for the Dallas Mavericks.

16. In June, the Vatican signed a treaty recognizing the district of Palestine after decades of negotiations. This commemorates first time that the Pope has made any contract with the Palestinians.

17. NASAs New Horizons spacecraft offered Earthlings the first detailed glimpse of Plutos surface.

18. Scientists successfully delivered the first little of puppies thoughts through IVF.

19. Jamie Brewer grew the first framework with Down Syndrome to saunter the runway at New York Fashion Week in February.

20. After two years, the West African person of Sierra Leone is officially Ebola-free.

21. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau personally accepted the receipt of the first group of 25,000 consented Syrian refugees into Canada.

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Borrowed animals cavorting in a field are too cute for words

When language miscarries, we will ever have videos of swine being cute. And an animal sanctuary in Australia may just have the holy grail of animal #content.

The Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary is a charity-run sanctuary in the Hunter Valley that acts as a dwelling to farm animals in need of a bit TLC and a lot of democracy to stray. Something easily achievable on the 100 acre property.

Their adopted farm animals frolic in enormous paddocks, free to nuzzle, delve and dance as their little centers desire.

Edna was rescued from a backyard in Sydney. Beings can ‘sponsor’ the swine via their website.

The sanctuary too happens to be bright at capturing the animal’s sheer rapture on social media.

Harriet. Rescue piglet. Superhero. Ambassador for the voiceless: the swine. #throwback #lovepigsnotpork #ihaveworktodo #wherepigsfly

A photo posted by Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary (@ wherepigsflyfarmsanctuary) on Jun 8, 2016 at 1:50 pm PDT

This trio of pigs, Harriet, Dustin and Wilbur, come when called, just like puppies.

There’s a reason the word “happy as a boar in mud” exists.

Or perhaps you prefer skittish child lambs, showing their commotion for life in literal leaps and bounds.

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Make down the pug: This is why you shouldn’t buy flat-faced hounds

Image: Getty Images/ Frank Rumpenhorst/ mashable composite

LONDON Veterinarians are insisting parties not to acquire particular spawns of puppies including pugs, bulldogs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and shih-tzus.

Breeds such as these are announced brachycephalic puppies, and a range of health problems are associated with their characteristic “flat faces”.

The difficulties arise from the distinctive determine of the dogs’ muzzle, president, and throat, who are capable of make it difficult for the swine to live. Surgical procedures are often needed to remove obstructive tissues in order to clear the major airway passages.

French bulldogs are one of several spawns known as brachycephalic dogs.

Image: getty epitomes/ tom williams

Six different puppy save business told the BBC that puppies with squashed faces ought to have passing up in droves at shelters, including Battersea Dogs Home and Bluecross Animal Rescue, which reported receives the total of 314 “flat-faced” puppies in 2015.

Sean Wensley, President of the British Veterinary Association( BVA ), said in a quote to be presented to Mashable , “The surge in popularity of these puppies has increased animal suffer and resulted in unwell domesticateds for owners.

“We strongly encourage people to be considered choosing a healthier reproduce or crossbreed instead.

In 2015, the UK Pet Owners Association’s listing of the top 10 most well known spawns in Britain included three brachycephalic puppies: the French bulldog, pugs, and bulldogs.

Because the dogs thought would be en vogue , puppy farms and substandard breeders perpetuate the problem by trying to meet the demand for the flat-faced dogs.

So perhaps for the health of the dogs it’s excellent to think twice before picking up that cute pug.

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Top 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds in the World 🐕

Top 10 most expensive pets on the planet. These are a few of the very best canine types for watchdog. They are additionally very unsafe and also expensive pet dog types. This listing include the adhering to pet dogs:
1 German Guard
2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
3 Samoyed
4 English Bulldog
5 Chow Chow
6 Rottweiler
7 Tibetan Mastiff
8 Pharaoh Hound
9 Bearded Collie
10 Akita

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