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The most decorated olympian of all time will carry the US flag at the Olympics opening ceremony

Image: Jonathan Moore/ getty images

Team USA is kicking off the 2016 Rio Olympics by bestowing the honored name of pennant bearer on the most decorated Olympian of all time, swimmer Michael Phelps.

The decision to allow the famed athlete to conduct Team USA into Rio’s Maracan Stadium during Friday’s opening ceremony is fitting since Rio is set to be Phelps’ final Olympic challenge.

In a interrogation Wednesday morning, Phelps told Today the honor is, “something I’m apparently looking forward to…There’s emphatically going to be a lot of emotions.”

Though it showed as though we investigated the last of the 18 -time gold medalist after the 2012 Olympics, the swimmer aimed his retirement back in April 2014 and announced he was training to compete in this year’s competitions. The 2016 Rio Olympics will mark Phelps’ fifth and likely final Games.

According to Today, Phelps will be the first swimmer since Gary Hall in 1976 to carry the U.S. flag during the opening ceremony.

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Oh the places this cute puppy goes in this epic Photoshop battle

Fact: Puppies are the cutest. Corgi puppies, even more so.

So can we blame the internet using was intended to Photoshop this adorable corgi puppy into as many different places as is practicable?

Image: javareallysucks/ reddit

No. We cannot. In information, we encourage and we commemorate the results of this incredible Reddit Photoshop battle. Thank you for spreading this glad corgi everywhere it seemed proper, and even some places where it wasn’t appropriate.

We first travel to Spain, where this pupper is about to school some police how actual operate is done.

Image: stupidphotoshop/ reddit

This pup is so photogenic that Reddit constructed it the spokesdog for its brand-new pup food.

Image: KrombopulosJeff/ Reddit

Someone dreamt this puppy as the next city-wrecking monster. With a appearance like that, we should just let him do it.

Image:] workingat7/ reddit

His cuteness is so overwhelming, even cheetahs can’t handle it.

Image: useingatlin/ reddit

This doggo is also active in the community, doing his part to promote equality for all.

Image: albo_underhill/ reddit

You never know what cute animals live deep in the desert.

Image: AttackPony/ reddit

We would risk the zombies to pet this pup.

Image:] smudgyboar/ reddit

This corgi truly desires everyone, even giving Putin hitch a ride.

Image: gnostic_cat/ reddit

With a smile like that, this pup is ready for Hollywood. He examines right at home in Forrest Gump .

Image: goodboyotis/ Reddit

Keep cutin’ it up, doggo. The internet loves you.

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Puppies rescued from barn fire, treated with oxygen from baby concealments

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These two-day-old puppies were gathered from a burning barn on Monday .
Image: facebook/ newton abbot fire station

LONDON Firefighters were forced to use miniature domesticated oxygen masks to treat two puppies rescued from a burning barn in Devon, UK, on Monday.

In a post on Facebook, Newton Abbot Fire Station shared photos of the dogs being treated with gel and oxygen after save assistances reached the situation in the early afternoon.

Image: facebook/ newton abbot fire station

Here are some photos taken by firefighters at the scene.

Firefighters administer oxygen to the puppies.

Image: facebook/ newton abbot fire station

The concealments fit over the puppy’s thoughts to help them take in the air.

Image: facebook/ newton abbot fire station

One puppy, which digested smolders, was treated with gel.

Image: facebook/ newton abbot fire station

There were five puppies in the barn when the fuel took brace. Three croaked at the scene.

The two pups pictured in the photos above were treated by firefighters and then taken to the vets. Unhappily, a spokesperson from Devon& Somerset Fire& Rescue Service confirmed to Mashable that one of the rescued puppies had now been died.

“They weren’t bad blazes but was in a wide arena and was exactly too much for the purposes of the a little puppy, ” the owner of “the farmers “, James Barter, was quoted as saying in the Torquay Herald Express . “I think of myself as moderately tough but I was pretty upset.”

He went on to say that the existing puppy seems to be doing fine.

“We have called it Blaze in honour of its magical survival, ” he said.

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U.S. Olympic athletes use puppy superpower developed for Rio activities

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Image: nbc olympics

The upcoming Rio Olympics have been blighted by the specter of possible difficulty in the town, from pollution, to Zika virus, to security concerns, but nothing of that are important because, as usual, puppies fix everything.

At least that’s the letter the NBC Olympics social media squad transmitted the coming week where reference is posted a series of photos to Instagram and Facebook peculiarity your favorite Olympic athletes snuggling with the cutest puppies on the planet.

Included in the furry merriment are swimmers Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte and Missy Franklin, runner Allyson Felix, gymnasts Aly Raisman and Gabby Douglas, football player Carli Lloyd, tennis musician Venus Williams and many others.

The cute photo op the result of a recent People Magazine photo shoot that used puppies held in Southern California animal shelters and provided byGood Dog Animals, according to NBC’s Clear the Shelters arrangement. Clear the Shelters is NBC’s initiative pairing 40 of the company’s television channel with roughly 700 animal shelters in the U.S. to facilitate drive pet approval on Saturday.

Weve got the worlds best athletes with the cutest puppies! Link in bio for more adorable draws. #RoadToRio

A photo posted by NBC Olympics (@ nbcolympics) on Jul 21, 2016 at 7:13 am PDT

Like this? #RoadToRio Link in bio for more !

A photo posted by NBC Olympics (@ nbcolympics) on Jul 21, 2016 at 8: 20 am PDT

Aly Raisman adopted this puppy! #RoadToRio Click link in bio for more pics !

A photo posted by NBC Olympics (@ nbcolympics) on Jul 21, 2016 at 11:44 am PDT

Venus Williams with furry friend.

Image: nbcolympics.comscreen grab

You can check out the full gallery of athletes posing with puppies on the NBC Olympics site.

Now all this cute strength won’t help to protect the world-class athletes from the hopefully overblown concerns surrounding the Rio Olympics. But one good omen for the Rio Games: All the puppies in the photo shoot were later chosen, is in accordance with Good Dog Animals.

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11 puppies that are better than people, to celebrate National Dog Day

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“I said LEFT Susan”
Image: Getty Images

Dog’s are “man’s best friend” for a rationale. They’re smart, unflinchingly loyal and have more identity in their paws than most reality Tv stars will ever muster.

Aug. 26 is National Dog Day. In homage to the greatest animal to ever prowl the earth and sleep at the end of our bunks, there is 11 puppers who substantiate beyond reasonable suspense that bird-dogs are better than humans.

This eager pooch is not simply races to react their girl pal when they reverted from academy, but carries their pouch like the world’s most courteous and cordial pet-porter

“I love you I love you I love you oh my gosh I can’t believe you’re dwelling oh my gosh I love you.”

Image: imGUR InfamousElGUAPO

Teensy Buck strifes with hitches. He has the confusion of a brandy soaked prof and the cutes of … well, a puppy struggling to understand what the hitch are.

Remorseful doggo contends with how loath his owned is to forgive him. “Please just looove me.”

A puppy comforting and older bird-dog through a nightmare just might be enough to turn your concrete mettle into a plush pillow of feelings.

Rev’s been played the same Adele song since has become a minuscule pup. According to their owner, whenever this chant plays, the pitchy pooch connects in with perseverance of a late-night karaoke sesh.

If anyone plays this excited to see you, it was necessary to wed, choose, or kidnap them and keep them forever.

Free diving? No questions! Breathing is for suckers.

A video posted by Bryce Lund (@ blund4 4 ) on Dec 25, 2014 at 6:33 pm PST

This dog understands the importance of secrets.

When puppies prompt humans of our their purpose in life. To serve dogs.

This pup substantiates helpful in case your fire alarm flunks – she’s got a hybrid woof/ moan utterly nailed.

Ride sharing is so 2015. Hop in for a spin with Porter the driving dog.

Look even this cat bids it was a hound( though it doesn’t crave you to know)

Finally, a remember that while puppies behaving like humen is oft’ cute, humen barking at hounds is just confounding. Joyous Dog Day!

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Ryan Lochte and Matthew McConaughey took a selfie at the Rio Olympics

Image: mashable composite/ scott halleran/ harries how/ getty images

Ryan Lochte continues to have an enjoyable time in Rio.

So far, he’s played with puppies, eaten spaghetti in an frost tub and experimented with several different “hairs-breadth” dyes. And as of yesterday, he’s taken a shivering selfie with Matthew McConaughey.

What a fascinating meeting of the “weird hairstyles and hats” club.

A photo posted by Ryanlochte (@ ryanlochte ) on Aug 12, 2016 at 7:22 pm PDT

ICYMI, McConaughey has been having the most merriment of his life at this year’s Olympic Games, shaping fanboy stops at basketball, float and golf events.

Image: scott halleran/ getty images

Image: jean catuffe/ getty images

Image: jean catuffe/ getty images

Image: Pascal Le Segretain/ Getty Images

We imagine this Lochte selfie is just the icing on the Rio cake.

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Three puppies observed safe after five days fastened under avalanche

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When it comes to teaching an old puppy brand-new maneuvers, the awaited upshot isn’t always as is to be expected.

Case in object, this lovable French bulldog Tucco who can’t get enough of the children’s slip at the local playground. Tucco’s owner had the pint-induced mind to take on the slide with the pooch in his lap. But after a few trial run, Tucco was ready to inhibits the massive slip on his own. In the clip below, the pup can be sashaying down the metal parachute on his rump, and formerly reaching the bottom, he bolts to the top to have another go.

HTAG 2 TTAfter watching this time a few dozen durations, I can’t promotion but imagine Tucco barreling down the move calling “WEEEEEEEEE” at the top of his doggy lungs. HETAG 2 TT

HTAG 3 TTSomething tells me that Tucco and his owner are going to oblige slip goes a part of their daily amble. HETAG 3 TT

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Rescuers hamper three puppies that were found alive in the rubble of the avalanche-hit Hotel Rigopiano, near Farindola, central Italy .
Image: Alessandro Di Meo/ ANSA via AP

Amid the madnes smothering avalanche-struck Hotel Rigopiano in central Italy, there is hope.

Three Abruzzo sheepdog puppies were pulled out of the tonnes of snow and rubble Monday, fostering savers searching for 22 parties still missing, five days on from the disaster.

The trio of puppies were found in the hotel’s boiler room, with joyful emergency crews bearing the puppies in their arms.

One firefighter buried his face in the fluffy lily-white skin of the dogs to hand it a kiss.

“They precisely started barking very softly, ” said Sonia Marini, a member of the Forestry Corps.

Image: Italian Firefighters via AP

“In fact, it was hard to find them right away since they are obscured. Then we heard this very tiny bark and we appreciated them from a bit loophole the firefighters had opened in the wall. Then we expanded the hole and we pulled them out.”

Image: Alessandro Di Meo/ ANSA via AP

The pups were born to the hotel’s occupant sheepdogs, Nuvola and Lupo, who had managed to find their own way out following the avalanche last-place Wednesday.

Image: Alessandro Di Meo/ ANSA via AP

While the sight of the puppies have hoisted rescuers’ characters, firefighter representative Luca Cari stressed these puppies were found in an isolated part of the inn and the discovery isn’t inevitably a positive sign for other rescues.

“We’re happy to have saved them, and these are important times in a stunning place, ” he said. “But I don’t think there’s much connect with learning other people.”

The Associated Press contributed reporting.

BONUS: Lazy sea lion chooses this gondola ceiling is a significant target for a nap

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Bunny Bowl is here for all you non-sports fans during Super Bowl weekend

For non-football followers, Super Bowl weekend is just getting better and better.

Well, we all know that Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl is a very well established happening which blesses non-football watchers( and football watchers extremely, let’s be real) with improbably cute puppies. There’s too the yearly institution of looking at Superb Owls.

But now we have the possibility of being get our Super Bowl weekends started working with the Bunny Bowl.

Image: annie’s homegrown

That’s right. It’s football with bunnies. Can. Things. Get. Cuter?

The Bunny Bowl is being put on by Annie’s Homegrown and can be watched live their lives their Facebook sheet. All bunnies are mixed spawns from Rabbit Ears Rescue, a salvage fully committed to saving rabbits from shelters that are about to be euthanized.

Christina Karem, spokesperson for Annie’s, said that they were inspired by the Puppy Bowl. “We wanted to give our awesome fans an hour ofbunniesbeing bunnies, ” Karem elaborated.

We cannot think of anything more worth watching than bunnies being bunnies.

All told, the Bunny Bowl will feature 10 magnificent bunnies, each vying for the coveted name of the COAT( Cutest of All Time ).

Image: annie’s homegrown

Team Longears and Team Lops will be rivalling in a slow-paced, fluffy form of football this Friday. While it is a competition, there doesn’t seem to be any real way that a win will be determined. We were told that a standardized scoring method had been attempted at first, but it was quickly vacated due to the fact that the players didn’t appears to carrot all.

Similar to the Puppy Bowl, all bunnies playing in the Bunny Bowl are available for adoption.

Image: annie’s homegrown

Image: Annie’s homegrown

The Bunny Bowl will last an hour. Kick off is at 10 a.m. PST/ 1 p.m. EST this Friday.

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Maternity photoshoots are significantly cuter when they virtuoso pregnant hounds

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As of Tuesday, Chanel and LeeRoy are now the proud parents of a new offspring of puppies.

But just a few days before, the pair celebrated their last few days of discretion with a maternity photoshoot far superior to any human’s.

Image: amy rients

LeeRoy’s owner Amy Rients tells Mashable that the joyous duo found one another through a reciprocal friend.

“Our hounds kind of got match made by our bird-dog groomer, ” she says. “She’s actually my very best friend, and she knew “were in” kind of , not appearing actively, but we had not neutered our bird-dog just in case we wanted to engender him. When she led across Chanel, she handed[ Sorensen] our phone number.”

A few dates before the due date, Rients returned LeeRoy to Chanel’s owner Kennedy Sorensen’s farm to stage the film. When Sorensen shared the finished product on Twitter, their fib blew up. The tweet itself garnered more than 37,000 likes and 22,000 retweets.

Sorensen tells Mashable that the puppies are in good health, adding, “Chanel is an stunning baby! “

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Artist stagecoaches peaceful puppy dissent for social equality

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Free to be you and me( and pups ).

Protests come in all sizes, from silent to rowdy. But an Australian master may have topped them all with a peaceful protest exploiting puppies.

Hundreds of dachshunds and a peppering of rouge, short-legged puppers took to the streets( and nearby beach) of Henley, South Australia over the weekend, announcing for inclusivity and following. Yes, really.

The close-to-the-ground canines and their suit-wearing owneds were the subjects of artist Andrew Baines latest photo activity. The study seeks to highlight the plight of overlooked small dogs and( by rather interminable postponement) marginalised and persecuted human members of society.

Baines said here puppies were more than their hair and short legs, telling Mashable that whole happen was a analogy for “inclusiveness of minorities in society.”

The project was borne of Baines observation that smaller puppies at his local beach would flow the risk of being trampled by bigger animals. He told Mashable “I’d ever discovered sausage dogs trying desperately to run at the figurehead of the battalions, they have a very determined attribute. At days they would be knocked over by the bigger engenders and left floundering … I realised they were a doggy minority.”

Beach time without fright of being trampled by big dogs.

Image: Andrew Baines

The pet owners in the photos “ve been given” specific instruction to dress in the suited outfit in which they appear with Baines explaining “I create a lot of imagery featuring suits in the high seas as a metaphor for corporate escapism.”

While imagery of small dogs as a analogy for societal inclusivity might be a bit of a extend, perhaps it’s the kind of extending that get cogs of change awhirring? Either course, it’s adorable.

Work, life, balance.

Image: Andrew Baines

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